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  1. Hey, you can evolve your riolu by making it faint in a wild battle and then getting it to max happiness again. Make sure to use /happy 1-6 command to check its happiness is close to max after you make it fain in a wild battle. Edit : Make sure its daytime when u reach max happiness
  2. Reworked the bot to use slash commands. Slash commands prefix is "/". To be able to use slash commands just click on Add to Server from the bot's profile. It can take upto 2 hours for all the slash commands to load for your server but once loaded they are permanent. This change was done to reflect discord's change in policy to protect user's privacy and give message reading capabilites to only bots that actually need it. Some commands have been removed - addmod, removemod, clear, setchannel, rmchannel, help, listmod, prefix as they no longer server any purpose to the bot with slash commands. Bug and suggest commands will be readded later on.
  3. Finally I can yeet em shinies jkjk. Goodluck on your shop.
  4. hey @RajuBhaiya, I am unable to add all the commands of reborn bot as reborn has some data which is not possible for me to obtain, but if, in the future PROApi gets released I will add apply for it and code all the commands. I'm glad you liked my bot :3
  5. Hey @AbhinavNori, You can find how to fix that by reading the 4th point(2nd to last) in the link https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/115437-windows-problems-with-the-patcher/ which tells u how to fix "FAILED TO LOAD IL2CPP" problem.
  6. Cya jatzbee I hope maybe one day you come back again.(I am Sachet from pro discord)
  7. Hey @Tomy314, the happiness code is not broken but is actually intended to work this way since once it would reach max happiness then the system would spam the player with evolution request after each fight therefore the developers made so that it would ask for evolution once then it won't again unless you lower it's happiness and get it to max once again.
  8. Have you cleared mount pyre and listened to the story of the old people at the mount pyre summit?
  9. Hey subroza, 1. The 500 coins asked for name change in dashboard are from the coin shop in game. 2. If your name change gets accepted(from the 500 coins in dashboard) then your old name is free to be taken by anyone but if u just created a new account then your old username is still there with you. 3. Changing account name or creating a new account will not clear your violation history.
  10. Update: - Updated Spawns data for summer event from PRO Spawn Dumps - Updated Repel tricks from Reborn Bot - Added august 2021 mostused pokemon list - Added the new event move tutors in ^info command Note: Please use the new bot link to reinvite the bot to your servers because I will be reworking all the commands to be useable from slash commands during winter break since Discord expects all bot users to switch to slash commands by april 2022. https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=810237383832240162&permissions=139855264832&scope=bot applications.commands
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