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  1. Hey @Algerie31, There is already a command for the spawns and other details of excavation.
  2. Sure, I will add it once my exams are over
  3. Update: - Fixed ^poketime command showing wrong in game time - Added July 2021 most used pokèmon data - Added ^invite command(Currently not shown in ^help command) to let anyone get the bot link - Disabled ^learnset command due to an update in the library I was using(Unable to work on it this month due to exams) NOTE : I got to learn that PROApi was taken down soon after it's launch due the developers not wanting to share player's hideable data such as money,nationality without player's consent(good decision imo) and some other problems so the ladder, guildladder, inspect, up, etc commands may not be coming anytime soon. If a PROApi V2 in the future I would try to code those commands.
  4. Hey @Algerie31, Really sorry for the late reply but the bot does not show downtime on my monitor on thursday so it may have been some temporary lag on the website im hosting the bot in.
  5. The server transfer worked. Thankyou once again.
  6. Hey I was trying to transfer(Free transfer) my account from Gold to Silver and it failed and I was asked to report it to PRO staff. Please fix the issue and transfer me to silver.Thankyou in advance.
  7. Update: - Changed ^excavations command to ^exca - Changed heracross to makuhita in historical site as per content logs - Changed all Move Tutors,TM Tutors,TM's data as per content logs - Added June 2021 mostused pokemon
  8. hey @Zenon1209, To mega evolve your pokemon you must first have mega bracelet and the corresponding megastone for that pokemon checkout this guide https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/158037-how-to-obtain-mega-stones/ on how to obtain the mega bracelet and the wave 1 & 2 megastones
  9. Hi @OrekiSimp, To code inspect,guildladder, etc commands I need to have data of players. I have applied for PRO Api before and if I get access to it I will code these commands asap.
  10. Small Update : - Updated and Fixed Tiers in spawns and items
  11. Hey @Kurozen, welcome back to PRO. Checkout SilverNabs or Join our discord server . We welcome new players and veteran players, alike. Newer members are particularly welcome.
  12. Update: - Added ^setchannel,^rmchannel commands to add a announcement channel for the bot's latest updates - Added dev ^announcement command to send bot update announcements in the desired channels - Added ^headbutt and ^excavations commands - Added ^mostused command to check the mostused pokemons but for 2021 only - Added ^botservers command to check bot is in how many servers - You can mention/tag the bot to check the prefix of your server
  13. hey @Marley47, you can still enter excavations but will be unable to rocksmash to get any item or pokemon. Fortunately we might get excavation back this saturday if the ongoing public server test all goes fine.
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