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    Problem be form my site sorry
  2. Welcome In the Reaven Shop Contact In-Game : TheLucyfer Discord : Varx#3985 Payment PokeDollar Reroll IVs : 720k Coin Capsule : 360k Rocky Helmet : 150k Choice Scarf : 100k Master Ball : 40k Rare Candies : 7k Rules 1. Prices are negotiable in some cases 2. Fake offers will be reported 3. I have every right to decline your offer 4. Offers cannot be revoked (you can't go back, so be sure to check if you have the amount of money required before the purchase) Normal Section Treined Untreined Mega Section Treined Untreined Boss Section Treined Untreined (Empty)
  3. WTB Pancham and drillbur for bosses
  4. Some sadge, but thanks for fast request .
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