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  1. 2021-08-19 12-47-35.mkv as you can see in the video evidence i recorded when we teleport in hoenn our party gets healed.
  2. Hemshire

    Held Item

    Hello, couple of days ago i realised we are missing a held item that i realy enjoy using, it is called red card. I would like it to be added to pro. I dont know how would you make it obtainable but putting it on pve and pvp coin shop would make sense. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Red_Card thank you for reading my suggestion.
  3. this would be a great change. we should also be able to see banned pokemon, moves in this new window.
  4. I have a simple request, please remove karrablast from first place reward pool. Thank you.
  5. i have this same issue on silver. bosses , excavations and digs give same error.
  6. Hello Cruelgreen, I read your concern about block and i can assure you those concerns are redundant. PP stalling is a strategy that can be used to break pokemons that don't have a way to deal with constant healing from a tanky pokemon and it is not any worst than people using pokemons with regenerator ability and switching between enemy atacks and using pokemons with a reliabe healing move and constantly spam healing to wear down opponents pp. Lets talk about slowbro with recycle and leppa berry; This slowbro set sounds good on theory, if you catch an opponent pokemon and block them, if they have no way of dealing more than 50 percent damage to slowbro, you can wear down their pp. In pokemon pvp system swtiching out a pokemon always has maximum priority so opponent has their chance to switch out unlike (arena trap ability which was used to trap and revenge kill pokemons and give people no chance thats why it was banned.) , lets say opponent switch out to an electric type or a dark type that can deal huge damage to slowbro or they switch out to a pokemon with the move Taunt or they switch to a pokemon that can use setup moves and dont mind being trap against a slowbro that cannot deal any damage to them and opposes zero threat, these were the good scenarios for the opponent now lets talk about bad scenarios, opponent switches to a pokemon that cannot deal with slowbro and they get blocked if this happens they lose that pokemon,they wont lose the whole match, its a bad play on their part. when someone first encounters a pokemon set like this and they lost to it they will not forget and they are expected to not to repeat their mistake next time.The point is this slowbro move set has its counters and not hard to handle unless the opponent is using a similiar strategy themselves. When games reach to maximum turns they end on a draw even. maybe you have lost time but you will not be defeated. If this strategy was succesfull everybody would use it and it would get banned accordingly, and people can play however they like aslong as they are not cheating, this wont make them a ''poor sportsman''. there is no reason to ban a move like block from pvp without testing it. Block has never been banned in any smogon meta game and this shows those type of strategies arent as succesfull. If you read this, thank you. I hate writing , This took me 40 minutes, hope you enjoyed reading it. Take care.
  7. Username: Hemshire Server: Silver Country/Timezone: Turkey/ gmt +3
  8. I have been checking some stuff out and realised we dont have a move tutor for block. I think it wasnt added cause Block wasnt coded properly in the past . I would like to see a move tutor for block, there is alot of pokemon that can learn it from tutor in gen 7 meta game and Block is a realy usefull move. and it is an underrated move with great potential. I know we have banned arena trap and shadow tag but they are a instant way to trap your oppenent and block is a move your oppenent gets a chance to switch freely, and bring in a pokemon that opposes a threat to yours. It would be a great addition to pro pvp meta game and gave us diffrent options. Thank you for reading my suggestion, i hope you agree with me and we see this cool move get a move tutor. Take care! and before i forget you can see pokemons that can learn block via move tutor from this link; https://www.serebii.net/attackdex-sm/block.shtml
  9. I dont like the fact that we lost our chance to repel trick scyther and munchlax
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