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  1. @YASHBOSS21 you was too late to bid @Royalboss won wth 2.1m here my discord: Rena The Stall Union Empress#4502
  2. Bump to notify something like 24 hours left
  4. imagine not using stall for bosses.
  5. (you spent 40 minutes to write that ridicilous text? well next time spend 4 hours, you may have a good argument this time.) Oh nice, A Slowbro! Why don't we sacrifice a pokemon to see which set it is. oh, what? block set? now I have to use my pps untill I struggle. you should understand not all pvp teams has taunt, even if have mostly has it is not something you can send against slowbro that you don't know the moveset. in order to learn it you have to let one of your pokemons get trapped and pp stalled. sounds very fair! even moves such as magma storm and whirlpool only traps enemy for 5 turns can be stopped by things such as water absorb and flash fire and have chance to miss. in other hand block can't miss and forces enemy to stay in till it dies. slowbro opposes zero threat? yea spamming infinity healing moves and forcing enemy to struggle must be zero threat. yea game will end draw if game reaches 1000 turn but can your pps make it through 1000 turn? you should understand not all teams are that offensive to kill slowbro with that set. such as stall, rain, ballanced they may do something if they could switch; but they are forced to stay in till they struggle. and only block trapper isn't slowbro after all. this is not smogon , we ban things if it can make players to tire of the game or unhealthy for pvp. stall is legilmate, but pp-stalling is not. infact even if it doesn't get banned, it will cause in game player bans for unnecessarily pp stalling. and as we both know you are trying to abuse that as you already admitted in discord. even smogon players aware that is pathetic and poor sportmenship that is one of the reasons it has %0.1 use after all. but if you still want to use that pathetic play style you can go smogon.
  6. -1 Block is an abusive move that is unhealthy for pvp meta game and can cause pp stalling by many pokemons. "Pokémon has a built-in failsafe to prevent battles from going on forever. Typically, the move Struggle causes the user to faint once all its PP is gone. But there's one strategy that can force enemy to struggle. A Slowbro holding a Leppa Berry with Recycle, Rest, Block, and Slack off/toxic or similar set is the key. The troublemaker uses Block to trap the opponent, Rest and Slack Off to restore party's HP and status condition, and Recycle to keep using the PP restoring Berry. once a trainer gets trapped, the battle won't end until someone forfeits. Stall builds are a legitimate strategy, but they aim to let opponents faint via Struggle. The only reason someone would use this strategy would be poor sportsmanship." even if this thread gets accepted, it should be banned in pvp definetly.
  7. Username: CruelGreen Server: Gold Country/Timezone: Turkey / GMT+3
  8. Bump so I don't need to see a noob's profile picture again.
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