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  1. if somone bids in last 15 minutes , it extends 15 minute right ?
  2. putting the time it ends and your gmt / utc is engough don't need to show timer a few times in a hour
  3. reminds me my mudkip hunting 4 mudkip in a row... but all trash...
  4. seems so , even if there was another bid , he didn't inform forum about that so you are %100 winner
  5. Oh aegislash already in pro ? Wasn't know that
  6. Did aegislash came yet ? No ? So why there is a thread to ban aegislash Also ı don't play on ubers @Swaglordx
  7. How is it undefeatable ? İn this week ı played around 50 game (in showdown) against aegislash and only lost 2 of them Wasn't even hard to kill it Sounds more like you guys don't know how to play against aegislash İf it is that hard just get a counter
  8. chomp sold logs : torkoal added
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