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  1. Hey Since my last post I've build my team and won angainst some Bosses (Mostly on Medium atm). Now I stumbled into the Pigeotide-Quest and it got me thinking: As it's benefits for a debuffer are on the lower end (+ Speed is good against fast enemyi, +Def/SpDef are not that big, I think) I was thinking if we could have an relatively easy sweeper for a beginner? As it's stat leans towards SAtt, it would need 20+ IV SpAtt+Speed, 252 EV in SpAtt+Speed, Moves are Hurricane, HeatWave, RacorWind (until they make it a 2-Turned move) and as a last move (mainly against Stone-Types) Ominous Wind / Twister / HiddenPower( if it's a good Type)/Roost (Defensive but makes it bad against most Stone-Pokes) Wold that one be viable Option or do you think it's not worth it because of other reasons. Also, if it's viable, I'd argue it's also viable for Boss Beginners as the quest is imo about as easy/hard as to beat Nearo which is needed for your Special-Setup Option. What are your thoughts on that one? Edit: I found one Problem myself: Since you can't use the same Pokemon twice against a boss in Medium/Hard, you'd need another Physical debuffer or only use it against Bosses where you setup against an SpAtt-Pokemon
  2. Since the Trade Evolution Megathread is currently closed (after the deleveling-part was retired) I'd like to ask if theres a new thread for these requests. Else I have to request a Trade-Evolution here: Trade Request In-game name: Momot Server: Silver Timezone: GMT+2 I need help evolving my Machoke into a Machamp. I'm available from around 20 till 23:00 PM GMT+2.
  3. Trade Request In-game name: Momot Server: Silver Timezone: GMT+2 I need help evolving my Kadabra into an Alakazam, my Haunter into Gengar, my Machoke into Machamp and my Graveler into Golem. I'm available from right (Wednesday) now till 11:30 PM GMT+2. Thanks!
  4. Thank you, that's exactly what I asked for I'm atm training my pokemon and really hope, that the ones I think are good enough will hold up. If I get important insight I will share it, either here, or if it's big enough, in it's own threat.
  5. So, I took some time and had to read it quite some times, but let me refrase your answer, how I understood it: Some Pokemon don't need to care about defences. These are the roles, where they don't have to survive more than one hit. In this group you find some Mementoers, Hazard Geodude, Desteny-boder and Endevour-users. They normaly have either sturdy or carry a Focus Stash. Sweepers after Batton pass normaly don't need to be tanky. It can help them if things go wrong, but normaly they onehit the enemy before he can attack. Most of the times a Focus Stash is all defence that is needed The other roles, namly those that have to tank more than one hit (e.g. Batton Passer, Debuffer, Setup Sweeper), is where the defense Stats are relevant. In this case HP is always relevant. Def and SpeDef depend on the Pokemon you want set up. These depend on the boss. Most time you use the first Pokemon but for some Bosses you're better of defeating the first Pokemon with DestinyBond or Endevour and setup at the second (third is theoreticly also possible but then you loose roles in your setup) If the Pokemon you setup only has Physical moves you don't need Spedef on the Pokemon, if it has only Special moves the Def stat is useless. Some Pokes have mixed attacks, then a mixed Statset is needed. Since you want to minimize your needed pokemon, you Optimaly still have all defenive-stats, so you can use the same eg BattonPasser for many bosses. Debuffer are an exeption since you won't use a physical debuffer against a Special attacker. Since you want to debuff both sides a mixed debuffer needs both sides. Your Sweeper, if you want him to be somewhat tanky, needs all stats, since he potentially will be attacked by all Pokemon the Boss uses. So baring I did't make a mistake in my summary , let me ask my question again: For BattonPassers/Debuffers/... are there enough bosses that need a mixed defense-set to make it nessesarry to hunt for mixed ballanced pokemon, is it enogh to content with specialist (high def low Spedef or reverse) if you got him first or is one stategie good for beginners but after you got the hang on the easier bosses/ the easy and fore some medium setting, you probably need to change your team to manage the hard bosses/ hard setting? Same questions for other roles I forgot. For Sweeper/Tanks: Is it enough to have a balanced set (Def Nature but with IV and EV SpeDef at the same level) or is it better to have a maximum Def + rest Spedef and a Max Spedef + rest Def version of the same Pokemon lategame? I apologise for asking for clarifications but I would like to know if my thoughs went totally of the rails or if they're on the right track.
  6. Hey, again, I want you to bestow your wisdom (or at least your opinion) on me: I've started to gather Pokemon for the Team and now I have to choose which one is the best. My Problem is, that I've got Pokes with great def-Stats but trash SpeDeff (or reverse) and Pokes with decent balanced stats, but less than the other poke (Think 30 Deff, 12 Spedeff vs 21 deff and 21 Spedeff). So I'd like to ask you if the Specialist is bettter, since you know which type of attack to expect, if the generalist is better because you can't count on a pure moveset or if it depends on the role of the Poke (a SpeAtt debuffer doesn't need Def but the SetUp sweeper needs both) Can you help me out?
  7. I like the Idea of your guide, as I don't have discord atm. Thought I'd like to ask if by best place you just mean the easiest place to get the pokemon or if you also take into account how accesible the area is and/or the Level/potential Item that the Pokemon holds. If it is easiest than I would correct you by Catarpie, Pidgey/Pidgeotto, Oddish and Tentacool/Tentacruel, as well as add Koffing and Krabby to the list, which are all verry easy to catch at Rout 24 as they are the only Tier 1 or 2 Pokemon available at a time and the rarer Pokemon are Tier 4 and 6 and ofter are just their evolved forms
  8. As for good Places to catch certain Pokemon I recently realised a pretty good way to get some Pokemon: The EV-Train Routes, especially the first two ones. First is in Kanto, Route 24. You can easily get Pidgy and Coffing from your Boss guide and also Caterpy (thought you probably got one and Butterfly isn't that good), Jiglypuff (is T4 and the hardest to hunt there), Oddish, Kappy and Tentacool. You can try catch a Slowking here but he is harder to get than a Slowpoke elswhere and as a evolution harder to train. Next is Johto, Route 31: Here you can farm Sentrets. Also Ghastly, Sandshred, Zubat, Whooper and Seel but they are more situational and as Ghastly as a Desteny-Boder does not need best IVs you probably already have one. The others I just know theoreticly, since I haven't reached them yet, so take my take with a grain of salt. Hoenn is imo situational: On Route 120 Mareep and the Nidorans are available long before, but if you are farming for IVs it might help. The rest are already available in EV-Zones or are evolved. In Sinnoh afaik it is somewhat better: Route 208 features Dunspace, Patrat, and Licktung (Rarer) as new Pokemon. I know these Infos are probably quite obvious to most players, but again, since I didn't think of them as easy farms until recently, I think other newbies may apreciate the hint. I knew I would.
  9. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you, you made me a bit wiser again.
  10. As I'm on my way to get my team, I stumbled uppon what I think is a mistake: It concenrns your Entrys about Venomoth: [...] [spoiler=”Baton Passers: Venomoth (Special Side), Furret (Physical Side)”] [spoiler=”Venomoth”] As mentioned above, he can also be a Baton Passer. AND THIS IS WHERE THE FUN COMES IN. 20+ IV DEF HP SPDEF (recommended SPATK SPEED too, but having high bulk is enough). 252 HP EV, 252 DEF. Bold Nature. DON’T USE ANY OTHER NATURES. They’re sub-par at best. Leftovers. Any Ability works. Venomoth Baton Pass Set: Baton Pass, Quiver Dance, Roost. Last optional choice: Double Team (lol), Ominous Wind or Silver Wind. The point of Venomoth is to jump in against a really weakened enemy pokemon with screens set and start setting up Quiver Dances and Double Teams while you heal up with Roost. The reason why I did not provide any other options is because we can only play Roulette and try to Ominous Wind or Silver Wind to get a boost in all stats, with a 10% chance. Double Team ensures we get evasion boosts to not get wrecked by accident. It’s up to you. When we’ve set up as much as possible, we will Baton Pass onto our sweeper. Venomoth is SPECIALLY ORIENTED.We will NOT use him to Baton Pass onto a PHYSICAL SWEEPER. We will use him with SPECIALLY ORIENTED SWEEPERS like Gengar. I think the Sentece about SPATK on the Batton Passer is in the wrong Place. Or am simply to inexperienced to see the use of a Spatk-IV on a Batton-Passer?
  11. Love your guide and it comes just in time for me, as I want to build up my first bossteam atm One Question thought, since I saw him in another guide and thought, I'd give him a try: What's your stance on a Skill-Link Cloyster? It's easy to get and with IcycleSpear and RockBlast (+SpikeCannon and a physical Water Attack) it should be able to pack a punch and be an alternative to a Mold Breaker exept against unaware Pokemons. Is it worth a try or is that Idea already tested and discarted as "sounds good, doesn't work" Otherwise I'm always happy about more updates to this guide, especialy if you somehow'll get pictures to work, I'd probably not be the only one overjoid. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hey, If you go by pro-playtime, I'm a bit late, but since I'm now starting to use Forum more, nows the time. I started on Gold with a Friend, who introduced me to PRO. Since we try to play together there, I'm also playing silver, where I'm now halfway through Johto. As an old timer for original Pokemon I'm most familiar with gen 1 and 2, thought I played gen 3 till first badge once. ^^ Becauso of this I'm still messing around with the newer mechanics to fully get a grip for them. (though I'm doing better than my friend who actually dislikes many of the new features) Still it's been fun so far, and thanks to guides and wiki, I think I'll eventually get there (thogh I'll probably never get deep into PvP, not my cup of tea.) Otherwise, I'm from germany, so please excuse any mistakes that causes to my English spelling. If you've got questions, as I said, atm I'm running around in Johto and I'll probably check the forum from time to time.
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