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  1. +1 Imo, I'd say, that If the Rope can be used everywhere, I'd probably bump um the price to 3k to make it a more expensive but more convinient alternative to Subway/Teleport. Same with an choise-Rope, I'd say could be 6k especialy since it can potentially replace Subway and Ferry combined, which wold have cost 7,5 together.
  2. Hi, I played casually for a while now and since I'll probably continue for a while, I'd like to join a guild. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? MomoT 2. Number of hours played? 436 hours finished Hoenn; Sinnoh not started yet 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? changes sometimes, atm Gengar 4. What do you enjoy doing the most in PRO? (Hunting, PvP, trading, etc) Hunting and PvE 5. How old are you? (Optional) 32
  3. +1 I get that the Idea on Love Island is, that if your Pokemon love you, you get rewarded but I think if that effect should remdin, the mechanic could be changed that if you use tools either your fitst Pokemon has to love you or all of your team has to have at least 1200 love to you combined.
  4. Momot

    Quest counter

    +1 I'm thinking more of a NPC like the Cooldown-Checker, maybe have them do each region seperatly. Daily Quest would be a tad fidely with a NPC but, I think it could be done with a 'You already finished the Quest once, you didn'T finish it today.' Add in a counter 'You've done this Quest XY times.' if you're feeling generous.
  5. Great Guide, as always I'd like to realize the parts, that'll improve my team. For this, I've got 2 Questions: How do you teach Dodu/Dodri Boton-Pass? How do you get enough PP to use Accupresure 21 times? Thank you in advance.
  6. I said it in another Topic, but it is relevant here to: With the Update Belch got implemented, so the Arbok in Cerulean Cave with Level 60-62 have lost their only attack (at 63 they learn GunkShot, so the old Situation remeains unchanged. This elevates 2F of Cerulean, since there the Levels are between 58 and 62 while in 1F they can have LV 63 or 64). So anything that can do enough dammage can kill them without problems. You just have to keep in mind, that they're poison-type so toxic wont work, you have to attack, burn or LeechSeed them. It's somewhat Situational but maybee it helps someone.
  7. Just wanted to drop in and tell everyone, they fixed the turn-bug, for the Future Sight- and Desteny Bond- Methods your Pokemon needs to survife one round agaist the enemy. So you need to teach the Pokomen Protect, Endure or Detect (afaik that are all moves that let you survive an Attack) or it needs Stash (as Bhimoso said, bad Idea) or Sturdy to make these Strategies work again. Personally for me I already prefered the use of Donphans + Priority (especially since they are a lot more easy to get), but for Pokemon without priority-moves Misdreavus was my go-to so it got more expensive to use them. Edit: On the Plus side, the Arboks in Cerulean Cave now don't have a useable attacking move (since they don't hold berrys) so they can be defeatet with anything, that can do enough damage.
  8. Greetings, atm I'm buying the Tools for Navigation and now I'm thinking how you about the usefullness/worthness of these Items in general and for the seperate ones. Here're my takes: Already bought: I bought Tree Axe and Pick Axe first. Both are imo not good as attack moves and not having to carry a poke with them is pretty nice. Only bad thing is, that at Love Iseland you still need a pokemon. Shovel is expensive but it is quite nice since it freed up an Attack slot for my boss team, so I find it nice. It is a good attack on itself but freeing up a slot is more usefull for me. I just bought Flashlight, normaly I need it for 2 situations, in one I already have a poke with flash in the other I don't need all slots, so it's pure comfort, but I hop --------------------- Not bought jet: I haven't been to Sinnoh, so Abseil Rope does not seem usefull to me atm. Atm I'm torn if I buy a Dive Mask or the Sturdy Hiking Boots. On the one Hand I have pokemon with Waterfall (since it's a good Physical Water Attack for bosses) but on the other hand I don't really use Dive Spots atm If I buy either a Battering Ram or a Surf Mount I'd free up another atack slot on a pokemon for boss. Surf Mount is the cheaper obtion but the better attack. Both Attacks are strong enough to be usefull on their own so they are low priority. ---------------------- Overall I think I'll buy all of these Items before I will buy consumables or other items but I don't think all of them are created equal and I would not buy all of them for real cash. --------------- So, to repeat my question: What are your takes on these? Also, if you want, what do you think of my takes?
  9. In-game name: MomoT Server: Silver GMT Timezone: GMT +1 Evolve to Slowpoke by trading
  10. To chip in my 50 cents: For me, I do use it as a replacement or better set, as a next step for pokemon on level 60 or more. Since the Levels are the highest on that floor, I only train on the first floor (where the entrance is) There are two "areas" the water and the Land. Water is easier to judge, it has Psyduck, Goldduck and Slowpoke as common, and Slowbro as uncommon encounters. Bhimoso wrote this in his guide: So the takeaway for me is: Pokemon with GraƟ and Electric moves can be trained pretty easily in water, Pokemon with Dark and Bug moves have to potentialy flee from the Ducks. Defensewise if your pokemon resists (or is imune to) Water and/or Psychic Attacks, the cave is also a great place to train. You should be aware, that Slowpoke and Slowbro are tanky, so expect them to potentialy tank a few attaks before. It you're pokemon is weak against Psychic consider fleeing from the Slowpokes until you can oneshot them. On Land you'll encounter more pokemon, the common ones are Arbok, Electrode, Goldbat, Graveler, Machoke, Parasect, Primeape, Sandslash and Venomoth. You'll also enconter Ditto, Licktiung, Raichu, Rhyhorn and Rhrydon as uncommon pokemons. I'll skip the Rare ones. Most of these Pokes are the usual cave pokemon, so the same Rules apply: Water, Gras, Psychic, Electro, Fighting and Ground are effective to a good part of these, other types are harder to train since you'll have to flee more often. Also be aware, that Graveler as one of the most common pokemon often has Sturdy and will hit you with Stone Edge, Double Edge, Earthquake or Explosien which can give you some trouble. Also for training with Immunities, the Arboks, only know Poison-Attacks, so Steel-Types can be easily trained against it. My verdict for land is, that you have stronger Cave-Pokemon which makes it a better version of Victory Road to train BUT it has more clutter, which may drag it's eficency down. It your Pokemon is high level enough or has enough other typed attacks, that disadvantage will schrink. TLDR: Yes, for 80% it can replace Victory Road, but look out for more bad Matches who'll reduce efficency and may make it the worse choice.
  11. Thank you for the update, I hope your Pizza was delicious.
  12. Another great guide from you, thank you very much. As I just now wanted to look up Chansey and noticed, that you left out Happiny/Chansey/Blissey and also the Rhyhorn/Rhydon. So I'd like to report, that these are missing, I don't know if they're the only ones but all the others i looked up were included.
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