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  1. can you pls evolve my pok , it is not evolving , even i giving him mysterous candy , but it not evolving.
  2. Username : Vasif Server : Gold Country/Timezone : India / GMT +5:30
  3. can you like to give me this in 150k , Discord : !! Vasif !!彡OP#5815
  4. i found this , when i talk to this npc , i dont know what is that , can you do something related to it . i think its a bug or broken npc .
  5. Hallo , I want kanto+johto+honneh story service Discord : !!Vasif!!#5815
  6. Please help me , I forget that Ralts need dawn stone to evolve into Gallade , but accidently I pressed the evolve option to Gardevoir , can you please de-evolve it to Ralts. waiting for your reply.
  7. I am absolutely sure that I got the solosis in the reward, and yes the server did not crash at that time as far as i know and I used my main account ign: vasif at that time , all the stats of that solosis were 25+. at That time i not have The rest of the trick-room team , so I took care of her later and when I thought to train her, it was not in the inventory and when I saw it in pokedex, its cautch data was also missing , so it seems to me that the server crash occurred while taking the reward, because it was common to have a server crash at these day.
  8. I want to tell you that I got a solosis in the reward from Terminator Boss a few days ago, I kept it in my inventory so that I can train it later, but today when I checked my inventory, It is not ther and its cautch data has also disappeared from pokedex, I do not know if this is a bug or I was released that by accidentally. Please do something, get my solosis back.
  9. If I accidentally get a queue from a guild member, then what should I do at that time that Staff should not ban my account . is i need to draw that battle or report that battle in forum
  10. Vasif


    yes you are right I forget that , I faint 2 times because I not bring my 100lv pok with me , I'm sorry I did not know that there is such a rule in the game
  11. Vasif


    When I was in valley of steel and was catching some ferroseed, then I saw that my money is getting low. I had 430k, then suddenly it has become 405k and after some time it became 385k. Please help me, it is definitely a Bug, please get my money back. I am also uploading 2 files so that you understand what the story is but sorry I forgot to take 430k image
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