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  1. Auction for this Beauty! Info about the trade: Current Offer: 3M by @NarutoUzumaki12 Insta: 8M Minimum Raise: 200K Duration: Ends 8:34 AM +0 GMT / 26 March! Server: Gold but if Silver want to buy they are more than free to come to Gold to pick it up! A bid placed in the last 15 minutes of the auction will extend the auction with 15 minutes from the time the bid was made! Contact Information: IGN: GoldenP1kachu Discord: GoldenP1kachu#5423 Acceptable payment methods: Pokedollars Coin Capsules: 350K IV Reroll: 700K Nature Reroll: 350K Ability Capsule: 650K HAPPY BIDDING
  2. Proof of trade completed! This Topic can be closed now.
  3. Sorry for late respond but if you still looking for a guild then let me know
  4. Naah it's fine about the poke xD I will keep farm froakies for 3 days and I will record all the proteans that i will encounter. In case of something beeing wrong. Cheers!
  5. Hey staff I just experienced something really weird. I am farming Froakies in Lake Cave with my Trace Gardevoir. It showed that i encounterd a protean Froakie but when i caught it, it turned out to be Torrent. I don't know if you can check battle logs on pokes because i can't really prove that it was protean since i dont take ss of all h.a pokes i encounter xD But it might be something to check. Maybe just a visual bug or something. And ofc i do not expect anything being changed tho it felt a little when i checked the Hidden Power but i just wanted to let you know that if there is a bug it won't happen to others in the future! Kind Regards, GP
  6. 2021 February Season Results! Still looking to fill out our 2 lovely guilds and we are looking forward to expand our active discord aswell! Take your chance and join the future! We are the Unbridled Ones!
  7. Noted! I will contact you in game Ty for visiting my shop!
  8. Noted! I will contact you in game Ty for visiting my shop!
  9. My Personal Guild Shop! Info/Rules: - Fixed Prices & Auctions! - Do not offer on pokes with fixed prices! - Fake offers will get reported. - 48 hours to complete the trade for bought pokemon. - No negotiations about the acceptable payment prices. - Silver players are allowed to buy pokes here but have to come Gold to get the poke. - The Pokes will be posted in the in-game trade chat aswell! Contact Information: IGN: GoldenP1kachu Discord: GoldenP1kachu#1874 Acceptable Payments: Pokedollars IV Reroll: 750K Nature Reroll: 300K Ability Capsule: 700K Coin Capsule: 350K - PvP Pokes - Good Luck and have fun bidding here GP
  10. I believe it would give a great touch to the game and sounds like an awesome idea! +1
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