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  1. Exotyc


    Hi there! As PVE suggested above. Please relog or move the Pokemon in your party around to fix the issue. Kind regards
  2. After defeating the hard mode, you can talk to the Gengar in the Sealed Chamber again and select I'm tired of your lackeys, fight me! in order to do the special mode.
  3. Hey there! I'm sorry for the inconvenience and the late reply. Forum timezone is equally to your timezone. You may reboot your browser or refresh the website to update to the correct time. Furthermore, your browser may have a VPN that can influence the time. Kind regards
  4. Hey there! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Please send me a screenshot of your folder to have a better understanding of your problem. Kind regards
  5. Hi there! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. PRO has some connection issues with mobile devices using mobile data. Could you please use WIFI or a VPN? Kind regards
  6. After checking your variables, you haven't won the special mode yet. There are in total 3 modes where the normal mode gives you the Mega Stone, the hard mode the IV locked reroll ticket and lastly special mode which gives you the Gengar Clothes.
  7. Did you talk to the Selina NPC after winning in the special mode?
  8. Have you done the special mode yet?
  9. Hi there. I've split your post from the other one. Keep in mind to create a new thread if you face an issue. Can you elaborate what's not working?
  10. Hi there! I'm sorry for the late reply. Can you please elaborate your issue again? Kind regards
  11. You can update your issue here. I'll let this thread open.
  12. Locked as resolved. Have a nice day!
  13. I'll lock this as resolved. Have a nice day!
  14. Hi there! I'm sorry for the late reply. As the dialogue says, you are still missing a spirit. Kind regards
  15. Hi there! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. The issue should be fixed now. The disadvantage about Discord reports are that it can be lost very fast, and not every staff look into the channel. Kind regards
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