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  1. Hi there, As mentioned, it was never against the rules to battle a guild-mate as long as the match is carried out legitimately. To be more precise -> Intentionally queuing against a user to aid yourself or another user in the form of Rating, PvP Coins, etc will be considered as Ranked Boosting and will be punished accordingly. As long as the match was sincerely played, there shouldn't be a problem. Make sure to read How we enforce this rule to get a firm grasp on the same. Although, I must mention, repeated outcomes against the same players may raise suspicion, if deemed as boosting, appropriate actions will be taken. Regardless, I'd like to thank you for bringing this to our notice. Best wishes, Lekmino.
  2. You can use up to 4 accounts. Although, when it comes to PvP, you'll be restricted to 2 accounts regardless. I won't be closing this thread if you've anymore questions. It's better to ask than committing infractions. We certainly can't allow you taking part in PvP with 3 accounts on a single device. You can stick to two. Also, you're free to use another account as long as it doesn't participate in PvP.
  3. Hi, Yes It is fine. If you wish to use both of your accounts + let your brother PvP, you'll have to use another device. We certainly cannot allow you 3 accounts taking part in PVP on the same device and that too under a single IP. Any other questions?
  4. Hi @Djlokesh, I'd like to sincerely apologize for the late reply. However, I do appreciate you raising your concern about this. Let's break this down. I'll try to explain everything precisely. You can reply in the same thread if you're left with any questions after that. Since you're playing on the same device, I'll presume that you're using the same internet connection and thus - 3 accounts will be counted under that very IP. I'd like to mention a couple of rules here. You can refer to Game Rules for the same. As you can see, you're allowed to play on 4 accounts at most. Exceeding that may result in retribution. Furthermore, since you're sharing your account(s) with your brother under the same IP -> As I mentioned, the total number of accounts will be counted in accordance to your Device. That being said, the number of accounts under your IP which will participate in PvP will make a count of 3. This indeed exceeds the limit retainment which was set to 2 at max. Rule number 6 -> There's your answer. Do not PvP with the accounts you do not rightfully own. I'll suggest you to stick with 2 accounts for PvP regardless. It wouldn't have been a problem if one of you, either you or your brother would have played on a different device. Feel free to reply in the same thread if you've any doubts.
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