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  1. Hello @Arunt! WTB your Shuckle, can you sell it to me for 500K? Thank you for your attention, I await your reply. P.S.: If it takes me a while to reply, it's because my time zone is GMT-3. I'll be online from 20:00-23:00 p.m. (GMT-3).
  2. Hello! I'm looking to buy some Pokémon, at a discount if possible, following the specifications below (the rest of the IVs, "can be trash"). I accept any offer, but I'm also open to negotiating for better prices. WTB 3x Pancham (Mold Breaker, Adamant) +15 ATK, +20 Speed.
  3. 1x Goomy Hat and 1x Goth Clothes Red sold to @Yazan123
  4. @Yazan123 Let me know when you are online. You can contact me via discord, pm or here.
  5. 1X Winter Clothes Blue, 1x Winter Hat Blue and 1x Sushi SOLD to @ByMayan
  6. What a nice shop! I liked it! Good to know that such a good shop is back
  7. @justbillionare I won the auction. Contact me when you become online
  8. I want to start the Pinsir auction with the starting bid of 2M. @justbillionare
  9. I wish to start the auction! With the starting offer of 200k. @ZenFallen
  10. Hello @JustVibingg! for the Ivs and correct nature, I would say that its value if you level him up to level 100 and train him could be "100-300k", because it is an ordinary pokemon, there is no way it can be more valuable than that.
  11. I want to bid 2.4M, covering the previous bid. @Bhimoso
  12. I want to bid 2.2M, covering the previous bid. @Bhimoso
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