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  1. Shinys's Event Pikatchu collection Good Pokemon
  2. All Pokemons are more or less negotiable just offer !!!!! Only Gold Server !!! Accept CC as 400k U Can Also Pm Me Ingame Name: Ikurashy GL & HF ALL 400k 450k 400k 400k 500k 400k 350k
  3. WTS Gallade Auction Starting Price : 1,5m Raise 200k minimum Insta 5m Auction ends in 24h after first bid 4. November 2020 12:34 (MEZ) Started
  4. WTS for 2,2m insta, no auction
  5. No Auction Selling for best Offer Current Best offer 2,5m by Emperor2211 Hidden power electric
  6. Just show me wen can talk about the price :) if possible 25+ speed
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