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  1. Username: hugo5943 Server : Gold Timezone : Vietnam / GMT +7
  2. +1, no need 20-30s or more for 1 turn
  3. Username: hugo5943 Server: gold Country/Timezone: vietnam/gmt+7
  4. I gave my complaint about staffs shouldnt use legendary mons in pvp rank on 4rum, and guess what, my post got ignored without any replies lmfao.
  5. pinkhole29 won the aunction, so it's closed now
  6. Start offer 15m Min bid 500k Insta 25m auction end 72h
  7. i got this bug many times, its like i got stuck in a turn and couldnt use any next moves, couldnt keep battling and one of us had to quit
  8. sorry i cant but i just remembered after i lost my choice specs, i bought it to hold for my rotom and maybe u can check the time and find my opp i battled with
  9. in 31/3/2019 i guess, my rotom hold specs and i used trick, after a game, i lost my item, and i used 50 coins to buy a new choice specs, u can check my account to check that
  10. IGN: hugo5943 Current rating: 1 Season you were on ladder: cant remember how many times i was on ladder Vote: Keep the rule. Reason: just keep it so pvp mods will have more things to do
  11. Name change req silver Current name: hugo5943 Change to hugocute
  12. every time I go board from sinnoh to kanto, johto and hoenn, i cant move
  13. When wattson give me the CD and told me that i have to put 5 CDs in 5 pokecenters but i go to every pokecenter in hoenn and only 4 pc access :(( i check 16 pokemoncenters 3 times but it still only 4 pc access :((
  14. mt moon 1f have a spot near Hiker Quasi, every time i use dig on it then nothing happen and i cant move :((
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