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  1. sounds fine in any case a change must happen
  2. I dont know if this new timer is the ideal, BUT its way more practical and better than last one. Good job keep it up +999999
  3. i think this would be abused and result more to annoy people than help so -1
  4. the problem with the TOO high rewarding pve system is: 1) money influation. 2) less people hunt pokemon 3) pokemon prices skyrocket same as reroll I ve already posted and got my reply of pvp being so not rewarding but im w8ing next patch for it but it explains my wrath when i read pvp reward is higher than pve not even a joke opinion. In contrary it sounds toxic to a Mainly PvP player as myself. I had to restrain myself using focus sash because not only i didnt get coins but i even lost by playing. Bring back the pro we loved where we had to grind to get our basic items/pokemon. Imo the pve s
  5. Saying that they only care about PvP is at least laughable. If u try to compare how rewarding pve is in this game you will see no point in PvP except for `honor` this is why PvP is so underwhelmed to begin with. Since each player is allowed using 4 accounts you can farm those bosses x4 if you want so even with the `nerf` saying that makes no sense. 1 player running each and every boss for 4 times can easily make him earn many millions per 15days. 300k for the transport ticket is only accessible for the players who run pve content the pvp players who dont hit ladder and access thor npc are str
  6. @HolyOwl When i posted that there was no announcement over an update and almost hadnt change at least for pvp in last year but only new bbattle bugs spawned. I mean i dont understand how can a new bug occur when no update occured meanwhile. Im not a programmer so my point of view may sound noobish but i was not toxic there. In the end on this case admin came in checked our pokes hp/condition and decided i couldnt lose game and gave me win by default. My only disagreement was the time needed to decide to see the calcs. Staff came 1h i think after we freeze and the result ended after 1h 30min s
  7. and you forgot to mention game was already decided because he has garchomp agressive with life orb at 10-20% and conkel burnt at 80% and i have azu adamant band set and nido life orb set with close to max life plus rotom heat a bit less than half in and after i pm him and see there is a bug and not time stall he close pm pretending to be offline to snatch victory abusing a bug when in game he clearly has no chance winning
  8. As i was told, there was a similar suggestion to mine already. This makes things even more clear than they already are. PvP needs a change. This idea i brought up is just a glimpse of the possible changes that could be done in this section. Small steps though always bring forth the future.
  9. Dear Pro Staff Members, PvP nowadays is rewarding in no way for the players except for the ones who actually aim/hit ladder. This makes pvp more competitive but at the same time more punishing for the new trainers hoping to prevail on pvp. My idea of bringing more people on PvP , except for guild leader constant spamming to their members to hit Top 3 in guild ladder as it happens in most cases, is to add PvP quests. Not something extravagant but something small like PvP 5-10 times daily quest or win 3-5 PvP daily quest again. You could add as reward either some more PvP coins or even item t
  11. The main reason you dont see landorus spammed in pvp battles is because people dont wanna waste rerolls (nature or iv or both) to make theirs usable. I ve personally played over 350pvp this season and landorus incarnate was poorely used by 2 or 3 players with calm mind set 1 of them i think was bold. Still it gave me tons of trouble and i think i lost cause of it some of the games even though the players werent that competitive on pvp since their teams seemed like they have no reasoning.(Weren't h.o or balanced). Imagine experienced players trying to abuse it who have enough pvp coins/money to
  12. Hello, i noticed while doing pvp that when screen active mirror coat dmg gets halved.To be more precise i had tentacruel vs nidoking. Nidoking attack with earth power and dealt me 240hp dmg.I used mirror coat and he got 240hp dmg instead of 480hp. Mirror coat does damage equal to hp lost not to special attack. Not sure but i guess same problem would occur with reflect and counter. Please fix this.
  13. Being able to check fast while you pvp stats/calculator and think ahead of your opponent is called pvp skill the more time you have to play the more wasted this skill goes. You may know the OU blitz existing in sd with extremely low time per turn i think 30sec but as i tested it seems way too good because it feels like a real battle when it goes on that pace. 45-60 seconds would be perfect for a start
  14. y i like this idea would be cool to be added. I always have trouble making a pvp team cause im bored searching my pokemon on pc
  15. i support this idea but season ended can u reopen it
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