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  1. me too, i lost 40 coins that spent on black ms after crash
  2. I accidentally released my magikarp . Plz restore it >< Thanks so much server: silver
  3. Thank you very much!!! Finally I got my Uxie today after I found that Lustrous Orb hunting gibles in the the northwest of Wayward Cave. And last time, many times I saw nothing when I go there. But I still found no Adamant Orb maybe I have got it in the past I dont know :) Thanks again~
  4. I start my three Lake Trio legendaries quest, i spoke to Dawn and the TV at home. After that, i try to find the Adamant Orb in every spot, but I cant find it. So, I havnt battled Dialga and Arceus at their respective spots, But I can finish all the request of the lake ghost and I have obtained the seen data of the three Lake Trio legendaries. And now, Down still saying: "how was your investigation " , does not offer options: "azelf-uxie-mesprit" . I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. Here is the screenshot.
  5. Yes, I have tried beating bugsy taking my ot heracross, and it is the 3rd times win, but still nothing happen
  6. In-game name: Shanksred Server: Silver Pokemon ID and/or screenshot: 47616013
  7. I have caught zapdos and moltres, but now I cant catch articuno with 120 Ice Gems adn my ot 153 IVs Smoochum.... That Smoochum have been caught after activating the task talking to the repective Elders, and i have log out to lown it to my pc computer... Something wrong or bug?
  8. Which Operating System do you use?----win10 Where are you from?----------------------china What's your main server? -----------------silver i have tried but it doesnt work
  9. Hi. Right at a beginning I have to say that my internet connection is good. I watch Twitch , YouTube without problems but when I play PRO , I´m getting disconnected every few minutes ( usually 2 or 3 minutes ) . I just play *disconnect* , *logging in* playing again * disconnect* and over and over . Help please . Thanks
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