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Confirmation window for the masterball

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The MasterBall should get a confirmation window before throwing it.


MasterBalls are a relatively rare item people farm for to use it on rare shinys, poisoned encounters, legendaried or beldums, just to be sure to get the catch before something unfortunate happens.


since the use of a masterball is kind of rare and special, adding a confirmation window wont bother players too much, as for them it is a special catch and they are excited, the comfirmation window will make the catch feel even more special as the masterball will feel like a rare item to use as u have to confirm it.


now also on the other side it prevents the players from using it on accident, especially while playing on a mobile phone like i have to do while being on vacation xD adding an option to turn the comfirmation window on and off can be done aswell.


I think this is needed and most, if not all people will agree on this small but potentially big quality of life change.


Cheers and back to the beach,


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I'm not really in favour of it, but mistakes and missclicks can happen and I hate using the wrong command while I'm eating and playing at the same time and I also hate using the wrong pokeball or running away because I'm eating chicken while I play. Also, since the Android client accidentally allows for way too many missclicks (my fingers are too fat lol) I'll vote in favour. +1


(Though idk, just be more careful I guess lol)

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