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  1. use the link provided as it is private between you and staff, they will help you recover your account. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/37-general-complaint-area/
  2. only staff can check trades or transactions, this post needs to be in the report section of the forum
  3. delete pro and download again your anti virus is stopping it...add to whitelist and/or the firewall is blocking it
  4. try a vpn such as this https://windscribe.com/
  5. tried to move several different pokes (Kanto/Johto) to my party and it wouldn't allow them to add to the party....visual bug obviously. Good timing as I had just gotten to Dewford pc to test this. Thanks!
  6. on gold with my alt...none of the pokes are region locked as you can see with my badges i have just entered hoenn
  7. go to options and change GUI to suit your screen
  8. Since shiny pokes have "S" my suggestion is also event pokes get identified such as "C" for Xmas, "E" Easter, not all rare pokes are easily noticed in the box and are easily deleted. This may help lessen "restore" work for staff.
  9. accidentally released my 2 easter bellsprouts IGN: monhuntress Silver ID:70823165 70823133 I hope these id's are correct as several were released at the same time after farming brushes. Thanks!
  10. to temporarily disable virus setting on windows to install or updating pro... go to start >settings > update & security > windows security > virus & threat protection note x2 > manage on virus protection settings > turn real time off ( it will turn back on itself) leave open until you have the game installed good luck
  11. • IGN (In-Game Name): Monhuntress • Your age: 37 • Have you completed the Kanto region? (Yes/No) Yes • Do you use Discord frequently and have it installed? Yes, im active on discord and look forward to meeting new friends to enjoy the game together! • Do you consider yourself a mature person and why? Yes, and because im responsible and i have been through things i shouldn't need to explain. • Describe your personality: fun, love a good joke and love to learn and help others • Why do you want to join this guild? im looking for a small community to enjoy the game with • What do you want to achieve by joining this guild? make a few friends, possibly trading partners, and enjoy the 15%XP boost together • Do you know anyone in the guild prior to your application yes...... Scara
  12. Hi MangyCrow, I am sorry to hear that option did not work for you. However after doing some research, using the phone as a remote should have a option/setting to simulate a touchpad. This should allow for you to get past the "allow". Once again, good luck and hope to see you get this issue resolved.
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