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Hello to all competitive PRO PvPers! This year, PRO Staff have decided to launch another Summer PvP Tournament, which is open to everyone who meets the requirements to sign up and wishes to participate. This is our 4th year hosting an annual PvP tournament! Are you ready to face off against the rest of your server to battle for bragging rights, and a unique reward to set you apart from the rest?




A. The Tournament will consist of a double-elimination bracket.

B. The bracket will be randomly seeded during a live-stream.

C. Registration will begin now (23rd May 2020), and end
on June 15, 2020, 23:59 GMT

D. Each round will last one week. The bracket draw will be streamed on June 17, 2020, and the first round will begin immediately.

E. All matches prior to the Semifinals on both brackets will be
best of 3

F. Semifinals, Winner's Finals, Losers' Finals, and Grand Finals will be
best of 5

G. Should any circumstances necessitate changes to this format, Tournament Staff will give at least a week's notice before the tournament begins.

Only one account
per player may enter the tournament.

I. Ghosting is forbidden. Players may seek assistance prior to matches, but may not confer with other players during the game or allow another player to play for them.

J. The Pokemon pool of players will not be limited, so there is no need to register teams.



A. All Ranked

B. In the event that any Ranked PvP Rules are changed while the tournament is in progress, the change takes effect immediately in this tournament as well.

C. Should any moves, abilities, Pokemon, or items be coded between the start of the tournament and its end, those moves, abilities, Pokemon, or items may not be used.

D. Players are not required to record matches, but it is recommended, as it may be impossible for staff to validate reports if they choose not to.

E. Should any Ranked PvP Rule be broken, the offending player will forfeit the game.

F. Should either player disconnect, the other player may either claim a game victory or allow a rematch at their discretion.

G. Should the server crash during the game, a rematch is to be played with the same teams, unless a player demonstrates to Tournament Staff that they were in a position where they could not reasonably lose the game.



A. Should any match fail to be completed, both players must submit evidence of activity to Tournament Staff. If Tournament Staff should decide that either player was not sufficiently active, that player shall be disqualified. If both (or neither) players were sufficiently active, the match will be decided by coin-flip.

B. Any reports of participants breaking rules should be accompanied by as much evidence as possible, preferably video. Screenshots will reinforce your case, but may not be considered concrete proof.

C. PRO Rules will continue to be enforced with no regard for the tournament. If an infraction would render a player unable to participate in a round, that player forfeits the round.

D. Toxicity and despicable behavior will not be tolerated, both during matches as well as before and after. Sustained behavior of this sort may lead to disqualification.

E. Match fixing is not tolerated. Players may not attempt to bribe or coerce other players to forfeit or intentionally play poorly.

F. By entering the tournament, you agree that Tournament Staff have final say over all tournament-related decisions.



A. All Pokemon used have to be Level 100.



Fill out the following format and make a post in this thread.





Username: Keita

Server: Silver

Country/Timezone: Japan / GMT+9





You will be invited to our official Summer Tournament Discord after you will have registered yourself by posting the filled template in this thread.



- Pick one of the available and obtainable legendary Pokemon + 3x + Gold Crown (currently being drawn by artists)

~ 4x 31 IVs, 2x 30 IVs at maximum but IVs can be decided as you wish

~ Can be Shiny

~ Can choose Level

~ Can choose Moveset and EVs


[spoiler=Some illustrative images]image.pngimage.png





- Nature change OR Ability change OR 1x legendary shiny mount (Pick 2) + 2x + Silver Crown (currently being drawn by artists)



- Nature change* OR Ability change OR 1x legendary shiny mount (Pick 1) + 1x + Bronze Crown (currently being drawn by artists)

*If the second place picked Nature change, the third place can not pick it


[spoiler=Legendary Mounts Showcase]


S Zapdos Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

586d943a2b9f001e6c6beb56553b0b85.png 7811273921a33881a3e5595799412271.png 937a4ad9332ae3b3dffe7e550724b8f5.png 0f2cd035410dbc3a01b45f452aa74eaf.png




S Articuno Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

901123b2064913fc4c753d37cf2d4930.png aca0b1cbfa82d1d183f0f13bdb77517a.png 38898e6bac8bb7b0971c7591e2aa285a.png 8b3acd407b11248f03d66b45cae75422.png




S Moltres Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

40290ec4cf0351bf416bfd978fcd9c9b.png 960796fa4c632f2cc61de8cc9fc735d6.png 2504120fc8f7f71fe9b3dcf71760169e.png ed7ecb6fa8cf194b7089c61c4c69ba50.png




S Latias Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

e80df127ca767fc21a73cf4622c37fed.png f9f5e097f49907b0428cf7cca0cc3545.png 2927498f4a2c992648bf5036899121ab.png 1b8813996789c53709df1df331fa9f90.png




S Latios Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

50b535e11dfac5f3ea132cfdc7419383.png 104b210d00057f464362777c4de61d38.png d672793936f3a8830d9a38f2fc83c746.png f518dc6561207c47daeda22c12b2571e.png




S Raikou Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

a14454227d7ffb3f49c2a2d07214ce1a.png b512b85ed354f0311a599b178a7d958c.png 2e4f1916a487fd1e863c76ed1dafd9af.png 85ee32ab6a2bb4d9ef223abc7f3d2d2b.png




S Entei Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

f201669086d74b441e01816835a1372c.png b96bc2871ce82c98b6dda6db833a870a.png 559a2f6dcaab5bd3ff22b03e9a349be1.png 79f181316317b7cbbb156544d902f7aa.png




S Suicune Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

e4043e9de8de91e0adefcc72c6527dea.png c37505d7649c4adebfa9cefe83d4f389.png 56df3cda4c5884fe12ce69877afa50f7.png 7906590c54c92dcb537ab0e899da42cf.png





S Kyogre Mount

[spoiler=Different Sideviews]

e207eef4706b93a544ef96239ddd2012.png 8b8ab409a9e8051aedc128bfae9ec81e.png f8ecde626429fbf711401baaa8c4d9b1.png 30ddcd6b5de0c8648c57d0f4517c77ca.png







- 1x Fox Mask OR 1x Pancham Hat OR 1x Black Petal Shaymin mount (Pick 1)

[spoiler=Item Showcase]2020-05-22-07-46-50.gif 2020-05-22-07-47-46.gif 2020-05-22-07-49-11.gif




Disclaimer: The rewards will be for each server, the Top 15% may differ per server




Contributions: Idkup, Fluffles, Shinohara, MagicGuard, Senrosia and Qeight

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