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Welcome to the game @Thexanada96yt.

There are quite a lot Italians on both servers. You can join the ingame Italian chat with /cgjoin Italian.

You may also check the Dashboard, and notice that the Italian player base is in the top 10 on both servers.

Here are some sub-forums that might be helpful for you:
PRO Rules: Contains a list of all of PRO's rules, including but are not limited to PvP, trade, and forum rules.

General Game Talk: A place where you can talk about things that are in the game.

Game Guide: If you are ever stuck during a run of a region, you can check this sub-forum for available guides, as well as other guides that might help you out in the future.

Guilds: If you are looking for a guild or community to join, this is the place for you.

Trade Zone: This sub-forum is available to everyone to sell, trade, or buy other things from fellow PRO players.

Resolution Center: This area is used to report any issue you've experienced while playing, or if you need assistance from a staff member.

Furthermore, feel free to join the official PRO discord server to meet new people and maybe some pizza eaters there 😉

Enjoy your time being in PRO and good luck on your journey! 😄



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  • Thexanada96yt changed the title to Hello guys! Any italian?
On 1/13/2021 at 4:59 PM, Thexanada96yt said:

Hello guys! Finally i found this great game! I've always dreamed of playing Pokémon online and I found it!  but are there other pizza eaters in here?

Hi and welcome to PRO @Thexanada96yt!

We hope you have a great time playing this game. :CharYay:



- Ceci



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Welcome to PRO! I'm glad to see you're enjoying the game :EasterBulba:

I'm a pizza lover as well!

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General Support Report Center - Discipline appeals - Rules - PRO Discord


Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can be of use to others.

Unsolicited private messages will be sent to the moon.

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Welcome to PRO, @Thexanada96yt !

I'm Giorgio883 and an officer of the Italian guild Pandemonium. Assuming you're on the Silver Server, we'd love to have you on board!

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Giorgio883 :)

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