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10 min fighting break


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In my opinion it is really unfair to those who do not have an incredibly stable internet connection to punish these players with a 10 min break of fighting. You get punished enough by losing rating. If it is about the avoidance of pushing, just dont let anyone fight the same opponent in consecutive battles- problem solved. 

Honestly it is the most frustrating aspect of this game and it serves literally no purpose whatsoever. 

I hope you think about changing it.

For me it is always like: Alright i can not fight for the next 10 minutes, then I go offline for the next hour or so. You.lose.players.with.this.


Sorry for my temper but this really gets on my nerves massively. 


Have a nice day guys and stay healthy!

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They have something called Reconnect on their Dev-to-do list as a high priority. I'll quote the feature from the list directly below.


Reconnect //That's not only for PvP but in general so users that disconnect unplanned reconnect without even realizing it in the background. Very complex problems.

In short, if they implement a Reconnect feature, which are already planned or potentially in the making and is also assigned a high priority. People who suffer from poor internet connection can reconnect to the match/battle. And as they also state above, this goes without saying for other things as well that would need a reconnect (i.e PvE battles).


For the timeout removal that you're suggesting, I guess the timeout is to discourage quitting mid-battle (i.e rage quitting or to prevent easy boosts?) I don't follow up much on the PvP front, so I just assume that the timeout is used for something like that. Correct me if I'm wrong.



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Are you frustrated because you have to wait 10 minutes after every disconnect or because you disconnected during the match and lost points? Calm down a bit, cause they do not lose players for that petty reason.


I'm pretty sure the 10 minute cooldown timer was there so people don't boost games and get free points easily, but with the introduction of the forfeit command I don't think that would really be needed anymore.


+1 unless the 10 minute cooldown timer is there for a reason other than boostig.

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  • Developer

Hello, we might add an NPC in Pokecenters that's able to remove the cooldown for 1k per minute left if you have a certain amount of rating (20 for example).

The rating requirement would be needed to avoid players using this to boost their rating illegally.


It'll be discussed within our staff Discord today.

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Love the answers and the idea of removing the cd for some money! 

And yes Raika it was only meant for the cd not because i lost rating. I get dc'd that often that chasing rating just doesn't make sense haha

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