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Surrender shouldn't make you lose pokedollars


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Very simply put, my suggestion is that surrendering/losing to trainers shouldn't make you lose pokedollars at all.


The reason for this suggestion is to minimize what I presume to be some sort of load on the server. Recently I pointed out the login issues with "CancellationTokenSource" in a different thread and later I noticed many other people in game having the same issue.

Obviously most people know that you can challenge a trainer and logout/login in order to get a teleport to your last pcenter. I assume this puts some sort of strain on the server, but I don't really understand how exactly the process works. Why not simply remove the loss of pokedollars from a surrender so people can just surrender instead of logging? That is assuming that these issues might be related in any way or that logging causes an unnecessary load on the server.

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-1. If you lose a fight or surrender early (because you will lose), you lose money. It's as simple as that. There's no reason why you shouldn't lose money when you lose. You could abuse surrenders in PvE to abuse strategies until you found one that worked 100% of the time without any punishment.

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