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PRO Pokemon popularity poll!


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Hi everyone, I made this poll for fun to find out which Pokemon is the most popular amongst the PRO community.


Everyone has a chance to submit 3 Pokemon that they like, order will not matter. If I were to submit my votes, it would be like so:
- Whimsicott

- Comfey

- Dragonair


Do not vote for the same Pokemon twice.

Only the first 898 Pokemon in the National Dex are included.

Poll will last for one week, results will be posted shortly after.

Try not to vote with multiple accounts, 1 player 1 submission.

Posts in this thread that are not votes will be deleted. Please only post votes.

Pokemon with alternate forms will not be listed differently. Ninetales-Alola, Ponyta-Galar, Thundurus-T/I, Shellos East/West, etc.


Have fun!

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