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Public Test: Exp. Rework


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Bug Report 1:

With freshly cought poliwag lvl 5 (0 xp) I cought another pokemon.

Poliwag leveled to lvl 6 as a result, but before combat ended, it showed that he's gonna lvl up to 7.

Then I cought another pokemon with it. In combat window it leveled to 7 and "lvl up" sound was played, but after combat it's still lvl 6 with ~90% xp.


Bug Report 2:

All pokemon that would get xp from defeating enemy pokemon (switched out, not fainted) get EV training.

e.g you can switch through all your 1-6 pokemon in single combat against pidgey, and when the last poke kills pidgey, all of your team will get +1 SPD EV. Not sure if bug or intended behaviour though.

Bug Report 3:
My poliwag didn't get prompt to learn Body Slam after leveling to 21 by defeating Rocket Grunt.


Bug Report 4:
Is it intended that Toby S.S Anne gym doesn't know how Fake Out works?



Bug Report 5:
Enemy Pokemon's Rollout move hits and deals damage even after poke has already been caught into Pokeball. (wild Sandshrew did that to me).


Bug Report 6:
Poliwhirl fainted twice vs surge. Second time it fainted instead of sacrificing Natu.


The same happened to my other pokemon, there's a pattern here.


Bug Report 7:
Exp Share doesn't work when enemy pokemon selfdestructs and kills the lead, not sure if bug.


Bug Report 8:
Broken puzzles. Instead of spinning the path, it moves you diagonally.



Gym Progress in Spoiler:



(Gym 1) Before Brock



(Gym 1) After Brock



(Gym 2) Before Misty



(Gym 2) After Misty



(Gym 3) Before Surge



(Gym 3) After Surge





(Gym 4) Before

(Gym 4) After

(Gym 5) Before

(Gym 5) After

(Gym 6) Before

(Gym 6) After


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