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Spawn feedback thread (August 2023+)

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Maps: Angel Hill & Ghoul Swamp


In my opinion, replacing Togepi with Chimchar on Angel Hill would be such a great improvement due to two reasons.

First of all, Chimchar did not receive a new spawn on the event map which is quite unfortunate considering how fascinating its halloween form is. 

Also, this change makes the spawn more interesting since players would gain the opportunity to choose between bringing timid or jolly synch (at the moment the spawn screams "bring timid synch here").

Regarding Togepi, it could be added on Ghoul Swamp in order to not miss its presence on the event map. 




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also gives ralts a jolly/ada event spawn. Both HLW event spawns are currently timid. If major spawn changes like this cannot be done, riolu can also just be added to Angel hill as it allows for timid and Jolly sync + it doesn't have an event spawn 

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Hello @Rhpositive and @Tofu2


Missing Pokemon on event map

about the pokemon with a event form that are absent from the event map, they have not been forgotten, they are simply planned for the maps that will be accessible in part 2 of the event. 


About Ralts:

I agree that the 2 spawns are interesting in timid, but the necropolis spawn is interesting enough in jolly with slakoth. 


Thanks to both of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns.

Wishing you a good day and kind regards,


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Hey, I've noticed that many players have been using Battle Bond Greninja in PvE, and it seems to be a very effective choice. I've heard that some people acquired it during past Halloween events. I'm wondering if it will be obtainable again this Halloween, or if there will be another opportunity to obtain it in the future.

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Hi @Closecombat, thanks for your response. 


Unfortunately, I'm still going to have to disagree with this decision. Ralts has two final evolutions Gardevoir and Gallade. Both deserve to be treated fairly and have equal spawns, at least in event spawns, albeit Gardevoir is more popular. Ralts having two spawns in the event map gives the perfect opportunity for this. But, for whatever reason, the Spawn Editors team has decided to make both of those spawns majorly requiring timid sync. The necropolis spawns having a few common-uncommon Pokemon needing jolly sync does not make it 'interesting' enough. When comparing it to the timid Pokemon, there are Ralts, Gothita, and Joltik for rare Pokemon and Gastly for common/uncommon, there is a clear difference.  The Angel Hill map has the same issue with spawn.

Another example is the summer spawn in Kalijodo path. Although that event has ended, some updates were made to that spawn, adding Espurr into it, making it even more timid-friendly than it was before. It's fair to assume that Ralts will not get another event spawn in part 2 of the Halloween update. This is completely unfair and needs to have something done about it. As I said before, Ralts has two final evolutions: Gardevoir and Gallade, not just Gardevoir. Can't just ignore Gallade and make everything timid-friendly. A solution to this can be adding literally any rare Pokemon with a Halloween form. A few examples are Munchlax, Marill, Riolu, Chimchar, Sandile, Gible, Absol, Pawniard, Hawlucha, etc. I'm aware some of these Pokemon do not have event spawns at the moment and are planned for part 2 of Halloween which is completely fine. There are still multiple Pokemon that can be added to fix this problem. This will also require many changes to other spawns but I believe this should be done, to appeal to both Gardevoir and Gallade fans. 

I'm aware I wrote a really long paragraph essentially me ranting about this problem and I apologize for that, not really sure how to word it properly in this case, hope I was able to get my point across. Theres also probably multiple errors and me contradicting myself a lot, sry. Also hope something can actually be done about this problem quickly. Thank you.

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Hello @Jatzbee, @Tofu2, @Radovid10


Battle Bond Froakie


Froaki Battle Bond is currently unavailable, but I got the confirmation that it will be back during this hw event, which will probably be announced at that moment.



For Ralts


We are aware that ralts have 2 evolutions and we also think of gallade but as I said before, I agree that the ralts spawns are clearly more interesting in timid, although its not forced either,

Especially for the necropolis spawn where its possible to farm in jolly simultaneously slakoth (uncommon) and ralts (rare) which I understand is less interesting than the timid side but does not take away the fact that it is entirely possible to go hunt here in jolly,

 and its not because the spawn is better in timid that there is no alternative solution in this spawn,


After all, I understand that Slakoth and the other common, uncommon Pokémon are mostly Ada/Jolly but they may not be ones you personally like, but they can be for others,
but again I agree that to hunt all the rare in this area timid is a better option 

and i'd like to remind you that the necropolis spawn got a ralts repel so if the other pokemons around in jolly don't interest you enough you're free to repel them, which is certainly an expensive but effective solution.

We've had a lot of new form this event, so choices had to be made by spawn editor team, and some pokemon still don't have their own spawn available (chimchar being one of the most affected). 

Not everyone can be satisfied choices had to be made, what should be said for Eevee and his 8 evolution ?

and what happn if we change Necropolis to be more Jolly sided what about people who want jolly gallade with the other form?  should I change the other map too ? and then what about gardevoir two forms ? 


You probably might disagree with my decision but not everyone can be satisfied every change will juste move the problem.

the event isn't over yet - enjoy what's available now and what's coming up in the future! who knows what's waiting for you?


About Forest pit 

Forest Pit is one of the rarest spawn where every pokemon dont spawn everywhere in the map 

as exemple if you find only tepig and larvitar that mean you was hunting in the mountain part 


Mountain Part:



If your looking for Snivy Murkrow and Sudowoodo you need to hunt in the grassy part in the screen below


Grassy Part:



Thanks to all of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback.

Wishing you a good day and kind regards,

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Map: route 214


The spawns feel a bit crowded with all that is there especially with the rare slots.

4 rare slots feels a bit to much espeically  during certain times of day. During mornings it really feels bad cause its 4 of them that fight over the spawn %.

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