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Nurse Joy Suggestion in Trainer Tower


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The Trainer Tower is a new add and it is essential for leveling now. It involves a lot of battles which implies that it will also deplete the hp and pp of our pokemon.

It would be great that a Nurse Joy could be added, but with limited healing tries per floor.
For example) You could heal your pokemon upto 2 times for free (per floor) but after that it would require a small fee per healing.

This would not only make levelling easier and faster, but also prevent the depletion of our healing items.

This feature is more essential because this is not some kind of quest (which requires you to battle nonstop without healing like on Mt. Pyre), but is simply a place to help trainers so it would be beneficial to add a Nurse Joy npc.


Thanks to Staff for the super-fast implementation of this feature.

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