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So I just read the announcement about the new battle server and about the 1-2 pvp coins drop per every win which is really an interesting thing to do. 

My suggestion is to add this 1-2 pvp coins drop feature every weekend (Saturday & Sunday), which will attract many player and not only pvp coins as drops if we can add  some additional items as random drops.For example Common drops will be like no drop, ethers, repels, escape rope etc. Uncommon will be rare candy, mysterious candy, fossils etc. Rare drops such as rr shard, mysterious shard, small train ticket, safari pass etc. This will at least make people to participate in  pvp not just plain hunting and pve stuff.

Feel free to drop your opinion about this suggestion. 

Thanks & Regards



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+1... But I think most people tend to hunt more on weekends rather than week days because most of us are free on weekends and can hunt for hours continously while pvping for hours can be stressful... well just my opinion but adding pvp rewards is always +1.. its been a long time since same rewards 

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