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Mt. Silver Walkthrough!

Guest SugarRed9

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Guest SugarRed9

Mt. Silver Walkthrough


Hey! I am writing this guide because I noticed there were not any good Mt. Silver guides so I wanted to make one to help out the community (

:RowletHeart:). I hope this guide helps!




Be the Kanto and Johto elite 4 Champion!

You will also need rock smash and surf in order to progress through Mt. Silver.




There's a Pokecenter at the entrance so you can heal your Pokemon and a PC you can switch your party out at. I would also recommend bringing potions and revives, however, to help with battling the trainers as well as bringing a team level 100 Pokemon.

Exploring the Mountain


Traversing through the mountain you will notice that there are three members of Team Rocket here that you must defeat!




You must defeat them in order to progress! The grunts have a two hour cooldown if you lose to one :P


For the next part, I recommend going to fight the Karate Master before you progress up the mountain. You will need rock smash and surf for this part.


You will need to follow the route to the left after smashing the rock!

Karate Master




Team: Golem - Steelix - Venusaur - Blastoise - Charizard - Machamp

Reward: Expert Belt

Defeating the Karate Master is important because you need to defeat him in order to be able to challenge Red. If you lose to the Karate Master you will have to wait one day before you can challenge him again.


After defeating the Karate Master, you can head up the mountain again and you will notice a familiar face :P

But first, you have to get past this maze!




It looks like Jackson is back, and he's joined Team Rocket!


Team: Electabuzz - Golem - Nidoqueen - Dragonite - Weezing - Umbreon

In order to progress to the upper parts of Mt. Silver you must defeat Jackson!


After defeating him you are free to climb your way to the summit!




At the summit of Mt. Silver you will find the boss Red.

In order to challenge Red, you must first defeat the Karate Master and have at least three Pokemon level 100. You must also be the Champion of Kanto and Johto!


Team: Pikachu - Espeon - Venusaur - Blastoise - Mega Charizard Y - Snorlax

Rewards: You can now go to Trainers Valley from Saffron Station!

(You also need 120 Kanto Pokes Caught and 34 evos, as well as completed the Subway Quest finished to proceed to trainers valley! )


I would also like to note that it does not matter if you win or lose to Red, you only need to fight him to claim the reward. :)

He will not re-spawn like the other bosses. :)


If you fight Red and you have an issue where the battle does not register, feel free to make a thread in the Bug Resolution Center!


And that is the Mt. Silver Questline! After the quest Mt. Silver is a pretty good place to hunt Pokemon, and

Ev train them as well :)

:Heart: :Heart: :Heart:

Thanks for using my guide! I hope it has helped you! :)

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since nobody commented yet, I appreciate the work you put into this

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Great guide! Thank you for the time and effort you have into this, I believe it will help a lot of players :)




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If you are reading this you are awesome, have fun playing with this moral boost ;)


Do not contact staff members for private support, we have awesome ways to support you and others at the same time.

Share the question on forums, as this can then be of use to others.

Please use proper forum when posting. Unsolicited messages will be removed. Thanks.

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