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  1. For me tbh just merge the servers so everything can be more competitive.
  2. What's your IGN?-- Aldoo How old are you?-- 17 What is Your Discord ID?-- Aldoo#5895 What's your goal in PRO?-- Full pvp What is your favorite aspect of PRO?-- new system for PvP What was your highest rating achieved in the last 3 PvP seasons?-- 200+ Why did you choose Predators? because i have skme good friends here and also i want to help why not. Guild island is your main aim to join us ?No.
  3. Nono -1 ..cuz everyone after will be with epic shinyes...and maybe instead shiny name will be commonshinye....so no
  4. Yeah , because we need to change meta ..only ferro , rotom, conk
  5. Hello , iam using a rotom wash with specs..and idk if happens for this... when i was battling i use trick move hmm .. after i finish battle and when i saw in pokemons items there was no choice specs...and was looking and looking but still i have x1 ...because before battle i have 2 of them one in backpack and one in rotom. Hmm pls check for it what happens
  6. Hello , im gold player and tday in guild im officer..but iam not allowed to do nothing, is there any bug or something ...pls check it guys and fix it soon
  7. +1 for sure , if not all , some of them like zoro outfit , headband akatsuki , some wings and any good cloth sets to make diff
  8. Is there someone that play PRO in linux ?.. if yes i want you to help me to play it too...
  9. Hello , my pc have only linux client and im very newbie in linux ...i dont know alot of things..so i cant undersand this reply and i cant script it.. Can someone to make turtorial with screenshots or a simple video pls
  10. What is your IGN? Answer: Aldoo What is your Discord? Answer: Koukouz#5895 How old are you? Anwer: 17 How many hours do you have? Answer: 1400+ How much of a interest do you have in PvP on a scale of 1-10 (1 being very weak, 10 being very strong)? Answer: Actually i play this game only for pvp and little bit for hunt , bosses , digs Do you know the difference between IV's and EV's (Just a Yes or No)? A: Ofc Yes!. Do you know Pokemon Showdown? If yes, What is your IGN on Showdown? A: Yes i know, but i dont like it :) Which Pokemon is your favorite in general(Could be for design, stats, whatever reason :] )? A: Manaphy ( because design ) Which Pokemon is your favorite for PvP? A: Manaphy
  11. SERVER TRANSFER Username: Aldoo Server to charge the money from: Silver Main Server to transfer: Silver to Gold
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