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  1. 1. Super hyped 2.scizor(beru!!) , volca and venu 3.keep the good work , keep adding good forms hehe 4.hlw nidoking, heracross summer/hlw, 5.none
  2. Type of request: Pokemon restoration Username: Shaharsh Server: gold Pokemon: wooloo(all) and dubwool Reason: accidentally released I don't remember when sry that I don't have ID
  3. So yesterday I IV locked rerolled my keldeo and by mistake I choose the IV I did not want and when I talked to psychic marina in vermi she said my keldeo does not have any previous IV . Does it has something to do with IV lock rr?? Please help
  4. Sorry I misread the reward chat :') . Sorry for the problem
  5. I had 60 wins and in reward chat it said I got 60 red cards and I had 29 from last year but in bag it shows 59 only Pls through it
  6. I'll be on after 1hr can u be on then??
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