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  1. Was not fully sure if this is the proper place for this request but I wanted to properly ask for this account to be owned by McSchitter so that he can PvP on this account in his videos without it breaking the PvP rule regarding using alt accounts to PvP that are owned. If not can this be moved to the rightful location.
  2. What is your in-game name? ImTrippin How old are you and where are you from? I'm 18 and from Sweden. What aspect of the game do you like the most? (PvP, bosses, hunting etc.) Pvp only. What do you want to achieve in PRO (except having fun)? I want to pvp until I get bored of the bad mmo meta once again. If I care enough to build a fun team that's viable I'll just try to get ladder if I reach a high enough win streak. I'm applying now but I don't plan on playing until 3 weeks. Looking forward to another dissapointment, I hope you'll have me :) How did you find out about Scarlet? I don't e
  3. 1. First of all since the staff will probably be the ones choosing the members do not exclude good pvpers because of peraonal bias against them. Even a player with a history of infractions can do better for the game than others, I hope you can agree on that. Now when that is out of the way you should reqruit players that have hit ladder at least twice with a decent win ratio which wouls be around 75-80%. A preferable choice would be someone with competetive experience outside of this game since laddering in different metas gives you a better understanding of how a healthy meta game looks like
  4. If people run bulky offense teams that protect their wallbreaker (Conkeldurr) then you outpace them really easily by running something more agressive. Conk is a mon that requires prediction to make it useful as it is very slow and is useless if the opponent can out predict you while using faster mons. Due to it's terrible base 45 speed it is far from broken no matter how hard it hits and how there are so many soft checks in the game it's pretty ridiculous to have this discussion at all. If people still "abuse" it like they used to when I still played then as I said earlier in this response, ru
  5. Sure, I might try in summer when I try out this game again unless I get bored as usual. I have nothing to prove as a player but I'll make sure to hit you up if the meta is fun enough to play in so I can try laddering once. And no, don't ever run scarf Mamoswine, it's just bad. There are reasons to why you are at 200 rating and that might be one of them.
  6. HAHA No. If you don't have a single * clue about anything pvp related then you should not partake in decisions regarding what's best for the pvp in a game. Unless you either have laddered on showdown or in PRO then your opinion is completely worthless no matter how you twist it. That goes for any pvp discussion in any pokemon game. Why would anyone care about an opinion of someone who literally can't get ladder in a game where there are only a handful of players who know what they're doing. That's why if you don't enjoy the boring meta and competetive spirit of this game you can prove yours
  7. K, so first of all... "and out-speeding it with Mamo earthquake" Scarf Mamoswine next scarf togekiss, great invention by the PRO community which is just as good :DDDDDDDDDD. And to all of you who think the problem is in rain; rain sucks, get over it. I would never use rain unless if it was to examine how many people would be trash enough to actually lose to it without getting haxed to death (or just hyper offense users with lacking ways to deal with rain). Now as I probably said before, the problem with manaphy is that it forces you to centralize your team building around it and once p
  8. Rain is not near broken. It's just a noob sweeper that beats unskilled opponents quick. If you're up against an actual good player I'd say rain might even be bad. And @iceflake, learn the difference between a soft check and an actual counter. Like "As For breloom it doesnt even need Sash to beat Manaphy. All it needs is 80 ev's in spedf to live any move Manaphy wants to throw at it". HAHA. So let's picture the scenario real quick. The opponent switches in manaphy against your Gliscor. You need the discord to not get swept by another mon in the back, Manaphy either attacks or sets up while you
  9. 1. You missed 3 archeotypes; bulky offense, semi stall, and weather offense. Or rather, bulky offense is probably what you meant by "offense". 2. "- You can Choose any from the following team above. I am Choosing Hyper Offensive Team in This Post. - Hyper Offensive team - In these type of teams you need 1 poke to remove rocks and that poke must be Tanky and other 5 offensive poke. You can use 2 good Attackers and 3 Special Attackers. " Not true, hyper offense is exactly what the name says it is. You do not run tanks and hazard removal is not mandatory at all. 3. First of all th
  10. I've laddered in both OU and UU a few times since you were wondering. Regarding the unaware clef, it gets worn down by the hazards and will just end up being a free switch for other offensive threats such as zone, bisharp etc. Why I quit the game was mostly because I am busy irl and I only played this boring game because I was addicted. But it is also true that pvp is trash in this game as it's basically a bunch of uu or lower tier mons with a few ou powerhouses that are being used. We don't have the option to get all the trio legends either which doesn't help. Sadly the playerbase is reall
  11. 1. AV tangrowth does not stop it from setting up if it's at max health and it tail glows on your switch. 2. If you're playing against a manaphy in a rain team that uses rest then it's just really easy to abuse how slow it sets up and the lack of moves. 3. AV goodra is utter garbage and does not counter anything, especially since it has no recovery so go ahead if you want to rely on something like a wish alomomola to make it playable. Unaware clef is not a reliable check either as it easily gets worn down by hazards and toxic (even if they're supposed to run heal bell). Spdef ferro also
  12. See ya in discord once I'm back. Good luck man.
  13. +1, I don't like the christmas sprite at all.
  14. +1. I think another way of solving this could be adding a permanent block button in game (with the option to unblock and having a block list available for view) so you wouldn't have a bunch of annoying people spam pming you in game like I used to have when I played. But yeah a rule that can get those beggars chat restricted for a while would be nice, this goes for asking for money and other things in help chat/all chat as well in my opinion. Help chat is there to give and recieve advice, not to ask strangers for free currency.
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