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  1. Overall I personally think that the formula is an improvement from the old one which was confusing and unnecessary for the most part. Some touch-ups might be needed especially for the end-game in my opinion but that's something doable. Anyways, just wanted to share my opinion some points mentioned here : Personally I think the prices are too high right now but having a very fast or faster exp spot that needs money is a decent money sink option. That's already the case. Your options for end-game before were Cerulean or Pinkan Island (Or Dragon den perhaps), both which are specific spots in one specific region. Most of the towers are close enough to a PC for it to not be too annoying. I do agree that the towers make Cerulean cave obsolete for end-game which shouldn't really be considering the steep requirements for unlocking it Most of explained through the NPC on the left, unsure what was confusing from that part. Can't disagree more than this, especially for the level part. 5-10 mins to level 100 would kill the level up service and removes a grind part from an MMO. Grinding is part of MMO's, whether you like it or not. Leveling was never a chore overall. EV's are even easier to do now with EXP and it's quite fast with the safari so I don't agree with it either Move updates, dungeons, events, etc are still updates. Just because something doesn't interest you or you dislike it doesn't make it a "false" update. Updates aren't just regions or buffs. Needless to say I still agree with the overall thinking of the post. The best changes in my opinion should be to the towers regarding a price reduction (it gets expensive fast) or better exp yields, and buffs to cerulean, pinkan, etc exp wise. This is just from trying it a couple of times so my opinion might change over the week
  2. Figured I'd show what are probably my preferred 3 OT mons, with some epic fails included. IGN is Ichibann, silver server. Some fails
  3. Welcome to my unofficial tier list for bosses! This post is still a WIP. I will update this post once or twice per month or depending if there are changes. This isn't a guide on how to beat bosses but an attempt to classify them by rankings. Due to the boss limit I decided to do a tier list so that you may identify the best bosses for monetary gains. In my opinion the top 15-30 spot of a boss list should be pretty much consistent for everyone. Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion, I tried to be objective in most cases by looking at the usage of pokemons and their price of the market. This is the second version I made, due to the first one that broke when the forum changed. Every changelog will be posted at the bottom of the thread. Ranking S tier The best of the best. Those are bosses that have an insane or very good pool of pokemon along with excellent items and money rewards. Do not skip those. A tier Generally the most common bosses, which are worth doing as well. B tier Suboptimal bosses compared to the other tiers; fighting them is not recommended, unless the goal is to fetch a certain reward. It could also be worth fighting them if you don't have access to enough bosses from the other tiers. The rankings were chosen based on 3 principal criteria, in that order: 1. Pokemon pool available (3rd reward and random reward) 2. Item's reward available 3. Money reward A good pokemon pool is better than a good money reward in my opinion because it can net much more money (so can items). This could be showcased in certain situations. Tier list S+ tier S tier A+ tier A tier A- tier B+ tier Not worth doing in most cases - Sage & Pumpking King. Once again this is just my opinion. The rest of the post is still a WIP. Ignore the following section for now.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm currently looking to sell my Shiny Joltik in an auction. Every details will be specified below. The pokemon is on Silver currently, but I'm completely fine to be the one that transfers if someone in Gold is interested. Every forum and trade rules will be applied to the auction. Start offer : 5m Minimum bid : 100k Insta : 10m Auction length : 3 days after first bid Payment method : Money preferably. I accept CC as 400k and rerolls as 700k. You can also contact me on discord at Ichi#7954
  5. I've used guild island for a decent part of my playtime this month and had some small suggestions to improve quality of life. 1. The spawn ranger is a bit weirdly positioned, I assume that this month there were players that didn't even vote since they didn't know it was there in the first place. Would be more fitting imo if it was just in the PC, where everyone eventually enters. This could change when the requirements return to normal since not everyone will have access, but it would probably still be beneficial. 2. The message that appears every 12 hours when the spawn set doesn't change should be different than the one that appears when the set actually changes. I've seen a lot of people be confused on whether the spawn was changed to trick room from trick room 5 times in a row when it just didn't change. Perhaps something like "Guild island spawns stayed to x set" but I'm unsure if that's possible. Spawns were definitely more interesting compared to before imo and so is the voting system, would have to see the other spawn sets to have a conclusive opinion. (Would also be nice to see the spawns separately for servers on Reborn but I assume it's not possible, just to have an idea of certain tiers. Currently we can only know the tiers that were on Gold)
  6. It's a +1 for me. In the end it's just different skin colors that do not affect in any way how good the legendary is in PvP or even Pve. I'm sure there could be a way to keep them somewhat exclusive so that every single player doesn't get one. It would be interesting for those who are interested in getting one have at least the opportunity to obtain them without winning the summer tour/being staff. I think you're misunderstanding the suggestion, no one is suggesting to give perfect legendaries but just to have the opportunity to turn the ones you have into their shiny variant. Currently it's only possible while being staff/winner of summer tour
  7. Congrats on winning. Let me know when you are available to pick it up.
  8. Auction started, will end at 12:51 AM GMT-5 on the 20 March.
  9. I'm selling my 24+ (Except speed as mentioned) Honedge in an auction. The pokemon is on Gold. The auction will start from an offer of 200k. The auction will last for 2 days (48 hours) from the first bid. Minimum bid of 100k - No insta. Rerolls are accepted for 700k, Capsule coin for 400k. You may contact me in-game as Ichibann or on discord at ichi#7954. Good luck.
  10. Just want to point out that critical hits were only coded correctly as they need to ignore debuffs as well. "From Generation III onwards, when a move scores a critical hit, the attacker's negative stat stages, the defender's positive stat stages, and the defensive boosts from Light Screen, Reflect, and Aurora Veil are always ignored. However, the halved Attack from burn is no longer ignored." From Bulbapedia Regarding bosses, Baton pass was always based on something that was flawed and the correction in the critical hits needed to be done for the overall healthiness of the game. It's pretty sad for a user to lose a fight in PVP because of something that is not coded correctly. Haven't used baton pass/any boosting strategies in a long time, but I personally don't think that a change is really required. There's other useable strategies and overall there should still be a chance of RNG, it's a pokemon game and this is still an MMO.
  11. Updated with the newest teams that include mega evolutions, the tier list stays the same. Added some "NEW" tags for the teams that were changed. Missing information on Steven, will be updated asap! [spoiler=21/08/2020 - New team with mega evolutions] Updated most of the teams with their new lineup that now include pokemon with mega stones! Birch -> Mega Blaziken Brock -> Mega Aerodactly Bruno -> Mega Steelix Bugsy (Complete new lineup) -> Scizor, Genesect, Scolipede, Volcarona, Heracross, Ninjask Diepy -> Mega Diancie Eldir -> Mega Slowbro George -> Mega Lucario Jenny -> Mega Blastoise Koichi -> Mega Gallade Lance -> Mega Garchomp Letrix -> Mega Tyranitar Logan -> Mega Tyranitar Lorelei -> Mega Slowbro Medusa -> Mega Garchomp Misty -> Mega Gyarados Morty -> Mega Gengar Neroli -> Mega Diancie Oak -> Charizard X Pewdie -> Mega Latios Saphirr -> Mega Garchomp Shamac -> Mega Swampert Shary -> Mega Latias Shaui -> Mega Alakazam Spectify -> Mega Salamence Steven -> ??? Tigerous -> Mega Salamence Terminator -> Mega Latios Thor -> Mega Tytanitar Toothless -> Mega Metagross, Mega Garchomp
  12. I'm interested and on gold right now.
  13. Just a quick translation since google translator is not particularly amazing with huge text : [spoiler=Translation]Hello, I recently started to play Pokemon revolution again, but I would like to ask if there is a possibility to take the time and translate the game in french, I'm saying this for all the french community. I'm aware that translating a game takes a huge amount of time, but you have a big community and everyone would like the game to be translated, please. I know another game like yours, that has been going on for 7 years and they translated the game because the community asked for it. They thought about it and since everything, all the french community has come back with a huge player base increase since they translated the game. I don't what to say it but it's also a pokemon MMO available PC, like yours but since they did a patch for languages, they gained more than 3 million people on the game. Only because it has been translated into French and other languages, why your website isn't in french that's the question to ask, it would bring more players around the world to you as well. I thank you for your response, Cordially Honestly, I don't think anyone would be against the idea since it really helps some people that are not too familiar with English. However, translating the whole game, including NPC's dialogue, would be an insane request work and time-consuming wise. There are thousands of NPCs and just translating for one language would take tons of hours. It would obviously be needed to be done with a lot more language than just french considering people all around the world play PRO. It would slow the progress on new content/region as well since they'd all be needed to be translated too. The only thing I can really see being translated is part of the UI, chat stuff and etc but personally I don't really see it as a necessity. I'm sure it would be nice for other people though, so +1
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