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Legendary Bird Quest


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Legendary Bird Quest




▪︎Sinnoh Champion

▪︎Interacted with the Legendary Birds in their Respective Areas.

▪︎Surf Mount

▪︎Further requirements will be listed below on obtaining the birds as there are multiple.



To start the quest you must first head off to Vermilion Docks and speak to Sailor Sam to transport you to Shamouti Island.




Once you have reached Shamouti Island, head over to the Guild Hall and Speak to an NPC named Melody. She will then ask help from the "Chosen one".


Now you must gather one Pokemon with the Ability Cloud Nine and head north of Shamouti Island just to clear the Storm which is ahead.





After the Storm has been cleared, head back to the Pokemon Centre of Shamouti Island and gather a team of Six Fire type Pokemon (Dual types are allowed) and head north again to the Fire Island. Disclaimer- You will need a surf mount for this.



Heading towards Fire Island and Objective


First head through Shamouti Seaway:





Once you have gone through Shamouti Seaway this will bring you to Seaway Vein and head West towards Seaway Vein Extension.




Once there continue West towards Fire Island Seaway and north to Fire Island.






Now you have reached the Fire Island, the main objective here is to defeat the Fire Elder to obtain the Fire Orb for Moltres.





Challenging the Fire Elder. His team consists of the following Pokemon:

Torkoal, Charizard, Infernape,Alolan Marowak, Volcarona and Talonflame. Upon defeating the Fire Elder he will reward you with the Fire Orb.



Head back to the Pokemon Centre and make a new team to face another Boss Style NPC.


After getting a new team head back to Seaway Vein and Interact with the Moltres and Zapdos Fighting one another





After walking up to them you will be transported to the Collector's Airship and will have to defeat Lawrence IV. His team consists of the following pokemon:

Aerodactyl, Excadrill, Mew, Clefable, Alolan Exeggutor and Breloom. Upon defeating the Boss another Battle will occur where you will need to fight both Zapdos and Moltres.


After defeating these 2 Pokemon, the Airship will crash and you will land on Lightning Island.




The main task here is to find the Lightning Orb first speak to the Lightning Sage on the top right of the map and look for the Lightning Orb which can be found here:




After acquiring this Orb, Melody will appear again and transport you back to Shamouti Island. Where it will all be covered with Snow.



Now you need a Pokemon with the Ability Shaodw Tag and head to Ice Island via Seaway Vein to fight Articuno.




Once arriving at Ice Island speak to the Ice Sage and agree to help, after this walk up to the Articuno. This where the Pokemon with Shadow Tag Ability comes into place, preventing the Articuno from escaping. If you do forget to bring a Pokemon with the ability do not fear as you can get the Pokemon with Shadow Tag Ability and Articuno will be somewhere further ahead on the Island.


Note:If you plan on catching a Pokemon with Shadow Tag Ability speak to the Slowking near the Alter to leave the Island





After defeating the Articuno, you will be rewarded with the Ice Orb. Now head back to Melody.



The final steps to this quest. After obtaining all 3 Orbs, Speak to Melody near the alter, she will take the orbs from you and play the song of Lugia to calm down the storm. After this the Island will return to Normal.





There will be a Lugia behind Melody, which you interact with, he will mention that we may meet again later which perhaps entails a future quest and leaves a Silver Wing behind.





Legendary Bird Locations:





Now all you need is to speak to the Elders first and complete each respective Elders Tasks to capture your first Legendary Bird:


*Important Notice, Speak to the elders first before catching the pokemon with the needed IVs*


Requirements for the First Bird of your choice:

▪︎Zapdos - 15× Electric Gems, A newly caught Elekid with 100+ IVs and with your OT

▪︎Moltres - 15× Fire Gems, A newly caught Magby with 100+ IVs and with your OT

▪︎Articuno - 15× Ice Gems, A newly caught Smoochum with 100+ IVs and with your OT

▪︎100+ Evolution Data

▪︎︎200+ Caught Data


Requirements for the Second Bird of your choice:

▪︎30× Gems depending on the bird's type

▪︎120+ IVs for the Pokemon

▪︎200+ evolution data

▪︎400+ Caught Data


Requirements for the Third Bird of your choice:

▪︎︎100× Gems depending on the bird's type

▪︎140+ IVs for the Pokemon

▪︎335+ Evolution Data

▪︎600+ Caught Data



Make sure to bring a Sync and Good luck!




Q: Is the Quest Permanent?

A: Yes.


Q: Are the Birds banned in Ranked PvP?

A: No, they can be used.


Q: Can the Birds have their Hidden Ability?

A:Yes, there is 5% chance normally, however this can be increased with BMS to 25%


Q: Are the Birds Shiny Locked?

A: Yes, All Legendary Pokemon are unless given out for different reasons.

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