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Legendary Bird Quest


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Ok i have a suggestion here, after spending 1m to get the 100 electric gems, and idk how many hours for the 355 evos i have atm, why dont we make that elekid 186ivs+shiny:ChikoritaWTF:


Why make the game so ez with 150ivs of a t7 pokemon that feels like t9.5 while hunting it?


I fully agree, don't know why we need so easy stuff for lazy people.

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I need help, i was doing the quest and when i was going to get the ice orb i interacted with articuno but it dissapeared then i returned to pc to get a Shadow Tag pokemon and when i looked for articuno again it wasnt there and i looked for him on all island but nothings there


This happened to me too. Anyone knows where to find articuno again or how to reset the quest?



EDIT: I found the solution myself the bird is still in the island you just need to look around closely till you access a semi hidden area

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