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Legendary Bird Quest


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Please reduce ivs for the third bird baby, 150 is A LOT for a tier 9 poke, make it 140 or 145 :(

I have been farming for almost 1 month and still have no 150+ ivs, cant you lower it to 140? gems are okay since they are obtainable but this iv thing is total luck

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[JUSTIFY]Check out my Youtube Channel, I post non-meta(mostly) PVP videos and some tutorials in Pokemon Revolution Online. Most of my PVP videos also include Turkish commentary.

Some of my tutorial videos and playlists are in the links below:


2 Ways of Fast Levelling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSsXxuVefZw

Bosses with Baton Pass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzCIjvqnnfk

Boss Locations for Each Regionhttps://youtu.be/smaPyWsp_fA?list=PLkRxSYTe-u5A1XcAzilVFwbejSpd99BMg

Monotype PVP Battleshttps://youtu.be/ARyMvz9QMYI?list=PLkRxSYTe-u5ChEHtOqGpLWlbqqPRBLBsX


If you need me, you can reach me on Discord: Maynaq#0866 or IGN: Ayvazar & Ayvasar[/JUSTIFY]

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I have too been farming but only for a day. Tier 8 Smoochum seems to be really painful and not only that but the ivs needed to qualify seems to be a little bit too difficult. Staff please lower the requirement. Like the other players, it was a grind to get the evolution, a grind to obtain all the gems, a grind to have the catch data, even 120 ivs will be ok. Thank you!

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