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Legendary Bird Quest


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my opinion is , after get all bird you have a chance to get lugia because silver wing is for that. but how knows actually.

anyway , another appointment. add at your guide that When you finally get all orbs player can talk to lugia to get silver wing.


i have all the dex, fromt he caught and seen pokemons , all i need is gems so i believe i can give you a feedback from that later

thanks for the guide to.

Thank you, I've added it now :EeveeShy:


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Ok i have a suggestion here, after spending 1m to get the 100 electric gems, and idk how many hours for the 355 evos i have atm, why dont we make that elekid 186ivs+shiny:ChikoritaWTF:


Why make the game so ez with 150ivs of a t7 pokemon that feels like t9.5 while hunting it?


Having to get 355 evos plus the 100 gems is hard enough already imo. just make that poke 130 ivs or w/e.


For all i know i could be hunting non stop for the next month and never get as close to 150ivs let alone above it of such a rare pokemon.

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