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Adding more Pokeballs

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I know it's likely this will be low priority but I want to bring this forward.


With the advent of the pokeball update this brings alot to the table in terms of trade and battling, It is nice to show off matching pokeballs for pokes and have more incentive to trade for them as well.


But there is still some balls missing. Some of the apricorn balls such as Love and Heavy ball and others such as the Timer and Dusk balls would be a great addition.


I think it is worth considering going back to the apricorns you can get from headbutting the trees in johto and make them convertable into the balls by Kurt in Azalea, and as for the other balls that were usually bought at marts in cartridges be obtainable by others means, a suggestion I'd like to make is make them obtainable in Excavation and some digspots that feel lackluster, such as the Mt. Coronet digspot. This gives much more incentive for players to experience the pve content more.

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