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Summer event 2020 (Volcanion Quest + Cyan Fire Wings)


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•Regional Champion of the Region you're in

•5k minimum to enter the Island

•Surf/Surf Mount




Before the quest fully starts, we must go to the event isalnd. To do this, the player must speak to Sailor James located in any port city, they must be the regional champion of the region they're in and pay 5k entry fee to access Eriyadu Island










Once you've arrived on the Island speak to the NPC called Dr. Reinfield, he will ask you to meet him at the welcome centre so he can discuss more regarding the summer quest.










Once inside speak to him once again and he will explain to you that you will need to find some items. The 3 items being a Red Stone, Blue Pearl and Red Banana. After this we have officially started the quest.




To obtain the Red Stone, we must head over Eriyadu Sulfur Pools which is west of Palpatoo Beak, once their we need to challenge and defeat Boss Mole Marc.

[spoiler=Mole Marc's team]

Click here.

This is the data i have gathered so far of his team and have made a PRO Wiki page about it.




After Defeating him the player must head south following a path which will have signs looking like this.






Follow them until you reach sign 2, from there you will see an NPC called Jim like shown in the image below and head down, speak to Guard Gilbert to enter the Cave where the Red Stone will be.


[spoiler=Red Stone]







To obtain the Blue Pearl we must now head back Palpatoo Beak but this time head East towards Breakers Beach, head down to the shore area and go the western-most point to go to Cape of Palpatoo







Now that you are here, surf south of the map and you will see a Dive spot, walk into it and you'll be transported into Breakers Trench Underwater

[spoiler=Dive spot]





From there, surf across what looks like to be Lava and you will find the cave entrance which will contain the Blue Pearl inside.

[spoiler=Blue Pearl ]







Last but not least is the Red Banana. To initiate this part of the quest we must go back to Palpatoo Beak and head north towards the Pola Tai Lagoon area.

[spoiler=Entry area]





Once there, Speak to the Konkey Dong NPC who will offer you a trade for his Red Banana if you can find bring him back 5 pollen from a very special plant.

[spoiler=Pollen Locations]

[spoiler=Pollen 1 ]

Next to the pit of where the Chloe NPC is.




[spoiler=Pollen 2]

Near the Jessi NPC




[spoiler=Pollen 3]

Behind the Yassin NPC




[spoiler=Pollen 4]

Near the Sadik NPC




[spoiler=Pollen 5]

In the flower pot near the shop in Eriyadu Town






After this head back to Konkey Dong to do the exchange.

[spoiler=Red Banana ]





Head Back to Eriyadu Town and speak to Dr. Reinfield in the welcome centre once more and complete the final step.




The final step is to go back to Pola Tai Lagoon and battle Boss Crank.

[spoiler=Crank's lineup ]

Click here.

This is data I have gathered and have made a PRO wiki page on it.




After defeating her, head back to Dr. Reinfield who will enchant your items so you can open the place where Volcanion will be.


At this point you can prepare your hunting Pokémon to catch it (Sync + False Swiper). Head back to where Crank was, speak to her so you can enter and claim your reward.

[spoiler=Your reward ]











Head over to Eriyadu House 4 which is the building opposite the Lilith NPC in Eriyadu Town. Once there you will notice a Pokéball on the floor, interact with it.









You will gain an unknown new ability. After gaining this, head back outside and interact with the box blocking the Lilith NPC and speak to her and select the 1st option. This will transport you to an area where a Diglett is, speak to it. After that is done we will need to find 5 Pink Glows.


All Pink Glows are located on Palpatoo Beak

[spoiler=Pink Glow Locations]

[spoiler=Pink Glow 1]

Shell Behind the Jenny NPC




[spoiler=Pink Glow 2]

Near the crane area




[spoiler=Pink Glow 3]

Flower next to the Jessi NPC




[spoiler=Pink Glow 4]

Tree next to the Bones NPC




[spoiler=Pink Glow 5]

Edge of the rock past the Emre NPC







Once done, head over near the Entrance of Pola Tai Lagoon and walk over this area and agree to enter it and speak to the Diglett once again.

[spoiler=Entrance to the Diglett ]





We should now head over to Eriyadu Sulfur Pools and head past the entrance of where the Red Stone was all the way to the end where we will see a Mysterious Woman.

[spoiler=Mysterious Woman]





After speaking to her head back into the direction of the entrance of the Sulfur Pools and you will see a Shiny Salamence. Interact with it and it will bring you to the Diglett once again and speak to him.

[spoiler=Shiny Salamence ]





Our final task to obtain the wings is to head over to Breakers Beach and find some Sea Glitter, there will be 7 in total.


[spoiler=Sea Glitter Locations]

All the Sea Glitter can be obtained on the Left Side of the Daniel NPC. You will just need to walk over the tile as shown in the images below.

[spoiler=Sea Glitter 1]




[spoiler=Sea Glitter 2]




[spoiler=Sea Glitter 3]




[spoiler=Sea Glitter 4]




All the Sea Glitter can be obtained on the Right Side of the Daniel NPC. You will just need to walk over the tile as shown in the images below.

[spoiler=Sea Glitter 5]




[spoiler=Sea Glitter 6]




[spoiler=Sea Glitter 7]







After collecting all the Glitter we will have to walk over this tile located below the Daniel NPC to speak to the Diglett once more.

[spoiler=Entrance ]





After speaking to him, head back to Eriyadu Town, Speak to the Lilith NPC again and select option 2. You will be transported to the Digletts older brother this time. After speaking to him you will be rewarded 25k and Cyan Fire Wings.

[spoiler=Reward ]






[spoiler=Picture of the Cyan Fire Wings]







Question 1: Is Volcanion allowed in ranked PvP?

Answer 1: Yes, for now it is allowed. Stay tuned to any updates in the PvP rules, if anything does change.


Question 2: Can you respawn Volcanion using Boss Nikola?

Answer 2: No, if miss out on catching Volcanion go back into the temple where you had to battle it to catch it and it will be waiting there until caught. If already caught and released, it will respawn in that temple with the exact same IVs and Nature.


Question 2: Do I need to do the Volcanion Quest to get the Cyan Fire Wings?

Answer 2: You do not need to do it, you will just need access to Eriyadu Town by speaking to Dr. Reinfield at the welcome centre to Unlock it.


I also made a PRO Wiki page regarding some info of the event island. Still a work in progress but if you have any data/info feel free to let me know on discord.



Special credits go out to Thatkid and Freelancer for some important information given regarding the Boss Mole Marc, Gore for giving me a free Masterball, Comrader and Zypaex for some quality checking.


[spoiler=Vulcan Island Part 1 and 2 guides from previous years]

Part 1 -


Part 2 - https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/135661-url



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