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Thanks for everything Pro

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I agree.. Staff system is completely biased..our guild had almost 10 bans lately mostly for simple reasons.. only sht these guys do are banning someone and not replying to their thread.. if they showed this much interest towards the game update it would've grown much..but they trying to remove the small amount of players they have.. STAFF SYSTEM IS DOPE yea🤣

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@Kitretsu05 @Medu5a @Dudzx


When it comes to Staff applying punishments (whether small continuous punishments or big punishments at once), these punishments are applied so as to teach users to follow our Game Rules and they scale according to how important the rule is, how big your infraction was and how many times you have broken the same rule over and over. Sometimes it is also possible that our Staff Team will punish or ban a user if a suspicious activity is detected in their account and an investigation is needed. We never ban without having evidence first, specially when an investigation is needed. Being investigated for an infraction does not mean you will be guilty however, but we may need to contact users to provide their testimony in cases. If you have any complaints regarding your bans, feel free to make a thread in the General Complaint Area and an assigned Staff Member will respond. Posting false information regarding your personal or other people's bans will lead to further punishments.

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On 10/14/2023 at 4:46 PM, Kitretsu05 said:

Hello It's me Kitretsu05 

I would like to thank my friends for all the fun we had in pro and Being honest I would like to review something which needs to be fixed ....the way the staff handles is the worst ...Banning over simple simple mistakes is just not acceptable at all...y'all think you are running an school or whatt? Lol ...preety stupid staff team ...thanks for all those troubles ...I am leaving pro and won't be back again ...Gl to everyone and bye 


Hi @Kitretsu05


I am sorry to hear you will be leaving us. 


With that being said, if you feel that you have been unfairly treated by Staff, and that your case was mishandled, you should make a Complaint.


Should you want to return, and continue this conversation with us to understand more about the reasons you were banned, and dispute if it was just or not, please make a post there and tag me, I will take care of it.


In the meantime, please do not create any more threads about this in other areas of the forum. They are not the place.


If you do indeed choose to leave us, stay safe, and take care of yourself.

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Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.


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