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Hey there, I'm Nico, a passionate Pokémon enthusiast since 1999 when I embarked on my Pokémon journey with Red and Blue.
Over the years, I've delved into every generation and spinoff, developing a deep love for the Pokémon universe.
Joining the
New Leaf guild in Pokémon Revolution Online (PRO) opened up a world of camaraderie,
and I've been fortunate to connect with many good-hearted individuals.

In addition to battling and exploring, I've discovered a knack for creating memes that bring joy and laughter to my fellow trainers.
My ultimate goal in PRO is to build my dream competitive Pokémon team, and along the way,
I'm on the lookout for more friendly faces to share the adventure with.

Shout out to my New Leaf guildmates – you guys are awesome! Let's continue this Pokémon journey together!

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Signature by Gzma - Check out the Gallery

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Greetings @Nisenco


Warmest of welcomes to PRO. I am Fus1onflare as you may know. Been a fan of Pokemon all my childhood though not even close to how long you have been, it seems. If in need of any help or any issues about the game, you can find me and my other companions of the lovely staff team in the resolution center.

Also, that's a really cute signature. :ValentineBulba:


Enjoy your time in the game. 

Wishing a very Happy New Year to you and everyone here.


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General Support / Bug Resolution / General Complaint Report Center / Discipline Appeals

Have a question, or facing an issue with something in the game?

->Make a thread to reach out to us in the correct subforum.


Please do not contact us for private support.

Know that, sharing your questions in forums can be useful to other players.

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