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  1. Forcing to use poliweath just for bb gren? Tangrowth and gastrodon get 2hko by ash gren. Mantine doesnt like switching in and out too much cuz of stealth rocks and gren can just pit on spikes on ur switch in.
  2. Toxapex isnt released yet. Goodra doesnt like constant spikes. Chansey is literally the only thing that can wall ash gren
  3. that's why i said that only mach punch is able to take down gren. the vacumn wave is counted but it's way too rare to see spatk lucario on h.o, and look ex speed 2hko sucker punch 3hko while 1 hydro pump can easily take them down
  4. ^ and forgot talking about gren's team support
  5. I know the others have already talked about this but. Literally the only priority that can potentially kill ash gren is breloom's mach punch. Gren is just laughing on all other ones
  6. Can u think of anything that can safely tank gren without chansey or goodra? Forcing to play a counter for it isnt a nice idea at all
  7. Can conk even safely switch into ash gren? Have you ever thought about that?
  8. +1. Just why release ash gren when there arent its counters as the only counters are goodra and chansey.
  9. What is your IGN? Superhuy13 What is your Discord? Superhuy#8645 How old are you? 16 (im being honest) How many hours do you have? Almost 1k How much of a interest do you have in PvP on a scale of 1-10 (1 being very weak, 10 being very strong)? 8 as i spend most of my time on pvp Do you know the difference between IV's and EV's (Just a Yes or No)? Yes Do you know Pokemon Showdown? If yes, What is your IGN on Showdown? Yes i do. My showdown ign is Superhuy Which Pokemon is your favorite in general(Could be for design, stats, whatever reason :] )? Breloom Which Pokemon is your favorite
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