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  1. Jangmo-o Hunting Contest! Current prize pool- 2.7million Hello! We are hosting a Jangmo hunting contest open to all people in both servers. We welcome all hunters as well as anyone who wants to donate to make this event more fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES You MUST be in the discord server to participate. https://discord.gg/9q2FUY7XbT The Pokemon MUST be your OT. The Pokemons ID number must be AFTER 46182408 for gold and 59774003 for silver. Discord server has full list of rules and how points are calculated. Reply to this thread if you have joined. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CURRENT PRIZES (Will continue to increase) 1st-1.25 million 2nd-750k 3rd-500k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reason for event- We are shiny collectors looking for shiny roggenrola and godly jolly bulletproof jangmo-o and annoyed at the current scarcity of these pokes. This event, we are encouraging all of you to hunt and hoping some shinies will be found. If you do find these pokes contact us and we will pay you really well. Host Discord IDs- rnvd99#3789 smokin#4195 bill#3523 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hello, I appreciate all the work the artists do to make event forms, but this year's forms except mantine look really bad. I get that its a matter of opinion, but compared to the level of detail put into mantine, wooper feels unloved. Its like someone drew a rough sketch and threw it into the game. I think its supposed to be melted chocolate with its tongue trying to lick it up, but it hasnt been executed properly. I have a caramel toffee wooper design that i would love to see in its place- Id be completely fine with its color scheme taken and being used to make something more detailed. update- a slight yellow tint to the eyes in my sprite would look better than pure white. update2- quagsire designs added. Salted caramel might look like measles let me know what you think xd
  3. Another type of pve content i want again is the npc who wanted battles with same type teams from the xmas event, but this time full teams not 3v3 and not for a limited event. another npc from the valentine event who wanted only shiny/event pokemon to fight. It was located in the 3rd island so not many people had access to it and most people, including me, assumed the rewards wouldnt be worth the cost it would take to get all my event poke moveset ready since it would be removed soon. If these npcs were permanent we could invest time and money into getting poke ready to battle them. Make them into bosses that pay 50k to incentivize people. Now about the economy- im going to get a lot of hate for this but reduce the amount of bosses per week to 5. this will solve your 4 account problem as well. I made 4 accounts and 8 characters and can barely do bosses on one. its absurd how people do it on 8 every single week. They grind and grind prioritizing money to enjoyment. This is a game not a job. 200k per week per character is enough to afford basic travel, pokeballs and potions. Hunting pokemon should be the main part of this game not switching off dms and mindlessly using destiny bond against the same opponent 8 time every week. The people to blame for broken spawns and broken economy are the staff. Ill give an example. This is pre ban so dont talk about the ban here. Froakie was nice to have in summer 2020. Prices were decent and it wasnt too easy or too hard to hunt. Then it returned for halloween and farmed again and again because of the event form. By this point the market was saturated already and there was no need for more. Then guild island came along. As if that wasnt enough, someone thought it was a good idea to make it repellable for easter. People throw away naive decent stats torrent frogs because no ones buying them for 5k. Its not fair because why dont other pokes get the same love? i would love to see a shiny ralts being caught every few weeks if not days, the same way i see i shiny frogs every event. Then the issue about max spd poke and same natures. Everyone thinks 31 spd is a must for rare pokes like jolly metagross, gallade etc. I can understand hunting tier 1 gastly for 31 spd. Hunting metagross or gallade for 31 is again absurd. This is coming from a shiny hunter who has 45 boxes of ralts. I spent 4m in repels to hunt all those ralts and didnt get a single 31/31. If you do manage to find a 31 spd jolly gallade and train it up, if its attack is below 20, you get told its worth 150-300k as a swiper because the people with 500m in their accounts call it trash, which leads to the person with 500k in their account into believing its trash, and not buying it. Give something that the people hoarding cc in their accounts will be happy to go broke for. A staff poke of their choice for a few billion for example. I bet a few people could afford it. Limiting bosses and fixing spawns is the only way or the market is going to go downhill from here. The silver lining is that ill get to buy tier9 right nature 27+ poke with 30spd for 100k or less eventually so maybe i shouldnt complain so much xd
  4. find hidden lati in places all over hoenn. see jirachi quest page in prowiki. its an optional part in jirachi quest that you skipped. its needed for lati
  5. hello, im using mac with 1366x768 resolution and the current client does not support it for some reason. these are the current options given. Also the GUI resolution does not scale for some reason and text looks really grainy which forces me to keep it small, but that makes it harder to read. i found another user with the same issue but no solution was given- https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/172235-mac-resolution-problem/?tab=comments#comment-958942
  6. up. new sprite work added
  7. decreasing stats is abusable for trick room creselia. if theres 100% certainty it wont be implemented. I would vote against it as well. The best choice is to edit this and ask for more iv lock rr unless you can come up with another solution.
  8. +1 , although i cannot think of a viable way to implement it. none of the people saying no have a single valid reason or explanation. possible solutions- single stat reroll, but that will be abused for other things like fixing pokes with a single bad stat hp lock rr- 100% chance of the right hp, but any of the random ivs for the selected hp. works just like normal rr but rerolls only withing the values of selected hp. Problem with this is that if i select hp ice, getting a max spd poke is much easier. This will have to be very expensive which puts it out of your reach and into the hands of the super rich anyway. best current solution- stat lock rr that was given in halloween for beating darkai and gengar. It is really hard to get, non tradable, and can be used to set hp if you know what youre doing. if you want hp fire use normal rr until you get 30 spd, then use stat lock rr. They should add this as a reward to wq or make other monthly events to get this.
  9. i think they mean every specific map name like its shown when you search for a poke in the discord bot. This would be a helpful thing but difficult to implement as there are too many places. For now a solution would be searching the map name in prowiki. Thats what i do.
  10. This is mainly for responding to suggestions. Forum posts are time consuming to respond to. The mods require to exchange pleasantries and this is time consuming. It should make their work easier and allow them to respond to more posts quicker. Users will also not feel ignored and make multiple posts trying to get their suggestion noticed. It can be made as a simple check mark saying read or noted. Thank you.
  11. just put another paid sailor on the side instead of changing the original one. theres enough place. the original one will take you back to the same city for free
  12. Map name: Pinkan island meadow Pokemon: ralts Reason: Main reason is the timing constraint. it is only morning. i have a full forum post made just a few hours ago which i will link here. It contains arguments from other players supporting this as well. All we ask is increase in the timing. Not for it to become low tier and cause mass hunting and ruining of the prices. Currently pink ralts prices are more than shiny ralts because no one wants to sell and theyre impossible to hunt. The amount of positives in less than a day on my post should be enough to prove this is a real problem. thank you. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/175020-increase-the-time-ralts-is-available-to-hunt-on-pinkan-island/?tab=comments#comment-976153 update- a player said that there are too many spawns in that map which is why it has been divided time wise. A better solution would be to divide the area into 3- the part on the left next to the cave, the initial part next to the boss and lastly a part after the bridge in the south. Current spawn is 7 low tiers and 6 high tiers which does seem oversaturated. It also seems completely unfair to have pancham, a tier 8 available all day while ralts is tier 8 morning only, making it thrice as rare as pancham, which shows in the price. Epic pink pancham was 5m. I found another trash ralts for sale today and said he will only accept offers above 10m for a calm trash ralts. Its just absurd for a trash pink to cost more than a shiny. no other poke follows this trend, which is why this needs to be fixed. thank you.
  13. you hv to find latios in 10 spots in hoenn then latias again. then you can catch it. its given in the prowiki page in jirachi quest. jirachi can be caught without doing it which is what happened in your case.
  14. my bad saw this is gold only
  15. I just started out spriting and these are super fun to make. Let me know what other pokes you would like to see. Ill keep adding new poke here. metagross hydreigon umbreon gengar larvesta quagsire wooper
  16. Hello, Currently ralts is only huntable in mornings on pinkan while other poke like scyther are morning and night. Ive been looking for one since a long time but it feels like theres not enough time to hunt. I suggest making it huntable in morning as well as day. I do not suggest making it tier 6 and all day long either but just increasing the duration would be really helpful. Prices to buy one are insanely high as well because no one wants to sell. Currently the only ones ive found are a timid one for 20m and a trash one for 10m+ non negotiable. These are for 1/1500 pinkan rates not 1/8192 shiny rates. Thank you.
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