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  1. s.o: 1m no insta min bid: 100k accept cc 400k rr ticket 720k 3 days after first bid.
  2. S.o 600k Min bid 100k Insta 2m Accept rr 700k cc 350k 2 days after first bid
  3. End. Shiny abra belong to @MinakoChan with 2m2 Shiny Arc belong to @Seoulmate with 1m8. Could u transfer to silver pls. thanks you everyone. The winner pm me when i am online or i will find you. Thank you again.
  4. There would be 1hrs left. I have to sleep now, keep bidding and i will check later. Shiny abra 2m2 by MinakoChan Shiny Arc c.o 1m7 by Kboww. Good luck!
  5. ty <3/ I noted. Shiny Abra c.o 2m2 by MinakoChan Shiny Arc c.o 1m7 by Kboww
  6. Checked. Shiny Abra still 2m1 by Fennermania Shiny Arcanine c.o1m7 by Kboww
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