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  1. elektrike (route 110/118) buneary (eterna forest) meditite (mt ptre exterior) swablu (route 114) absol (route 120) aron (victory road hoenn 1f) these are just some suggestions if people agree to have them added. I should note that there are risks to this as people may want the value of these pokes to be very high, adding repel trick would make them eaiser. Please post your thoughts.
  2. Hi, i have been recently hunting sneasels at the said location and I have been averaging 1 sneasel per 15 minutes. Previously these were very common during night time and I could hunt 15-20 an hour. Why was this spawn nerfed? Please dont just say im unlucky atm or its my RNG I know this spawn is nerfed.
  3. Hellouu! o/ I hope nobody suggested it already, at least i didn't saw anybody starting a topic cuz of it (if im wrong, sorry o/) So yeah, it's simple: for example, everytime i want to buy 999 max repels, i have to click that arrow button until my finger dies. xd Why not intending an 'enter amount' button with a 3 number limit? So you can't type in anything over 999 :P
  4. In the lastest update, dev changed balls position pokeball have the least pior on bag after all kind of other balls which totally make no sense. I aslo asked my friend to see how they feel about the change. 50% of them said it's really annoying and keep missclick into another balls, 50% said they don't care about pokeball position. I just want to said that there are 0% in all kind of human knowledge said they want to have master ball in first place over pokeball. So please change it back, My brain got hurt while thinking why dev would make these change, it's even more hurt when thinking
  5. Hello everyone! I wanted to hunt for Abras for a long time and keep going to route 25 every once in a while. Unfortunatly after 30mins of hunting I loose the patience to keep going there, because of those grass patches. It's quite annoying to only have 5 continuous grass patches and not have a wall or anything to stop you from running further. I'm not sure if this is intended by staff, but it would be great if this could get changed. It's a small quality of life change that wouldn't harm anyone and just makes repel farming there a little bit more joyful. Greetings Opaarnold
  6. I'm not talking about what he gives. I'm talking about making it more user friendly, it's a real real real pain to use atm. Slow like hell, boring and long. Suggest to revamp it in a more fast system, atm it makes me want to not go there anymore.
  7. Only way to get Dragon tail currently is in dragon's den and its pretty annoying to get to and i think it would be nice if added to tutor heaven aswell.
  8. I know it's only a little thing but it can become pretty annoying when you want to Message somebody and then randomly missclick on "Friend/Unfriend". It can be also frustrating when you just want to pm someone, unfriend him/her by mistake and then forgot how the name is spelled, because there can be weird names in this game. With that little change "help chaters" might receive a little less friend request. So my simple solution would be: Message Trade Battle Friend/Unfriend Inspect With this order you would only missclick on "Trade" which is not possible outside
  9. I might be blind and there is a headbutt Tutor already in Hoenn, but if that is not the case then add one in the Petalburg Forest since the other tutors are in the forests of each region.
  10. Why is the Lantern in the middle of the grass ? People would enjoy the Speed Area way more if there would be another Grass Pattern instead of this Lantern. Couldn't it be moved to a place where it wouldn't be directly in the way of the Players since there is enough space in the surrounding area ?
  11. Having tools to replace HMs would be better like we won't need to carry other pokemon except the six we want for certain actions or we won't have to waste any move.... But these tools will be obtained by us where we would get that tm/hm.....of course those tm/hm will also be there if others want to teach their pokemon respective move they can... Well,i don't know everyone will like it or not but doest this seems better than now and i can't also find any cons either.... Hatchet replaces Cut Computer Teleport System replaces Fly Raft replaces Surf Pickaxe replaces Rock Smash Climb Kit
  12. Just a quick dump of information: Event maps: Dark Valley L Necropolis L W Uncanny Path L Howling Woods L Unison Mountain East Summit L Unison Mountain 2F L Unison Mountain 1F L Unison Mountain South Summit L Unison Mountain 3F L Angel Hill L Ghoul Swamp L W Murky Town W Sweetsland L L = Land W = Water Following changes were made: These maps received some tweaks here and there: Dark Valley Necropolis Uncanny Path Unison Mountain 1F Unison Mountain South Summit Angel Hill Sweetsland Repeltricks for the following were removed: Larvitar Ralts Togepi They
  13. i have an idea to add a button in option to hide player (name and bodies) to see the map and object (eg= dig area/item ...) which were hided by players
  14. Title is self explanatory. The Coin shop has it, it should be implemented to other stores as well! (I will admit I did not check the PvE store so if it is implemented, i apologize) There's already space in the PvP shop menu to place it there, as I have edited the picture below to reflect. Would be very beneficial as PvP coins are much harder to get and buying one of these mounts is a reflection of countless hours of playtime.
  15. there is a little puzzle after new version update. When we trade With other guy,for example ,120k in the past,we can see120,000 pokedollers in the trade box.But now,we can only see 120000 pokedollers.this is a problem puzzling me xD.
  16. in 2 days of farming i got only 1 treeko in petalburg forest , can you adjust the spawn please ! :)
  17. ^Title,Trick is in an annoying place and its abit hard to get there so can we get it there too?
  18. Hey guys, I spent the past couple hours in the exclusive zone, was hoping to find a decent marill there since its a t4 spawn according to the discord bot and wiki. After a couple hours I'd found a chansey (t8), two scythers (t8), an umbreon (t9), and two tynamos (t9). I hadn't found a single marill. I was hunting in grass, as marill is a tier lower there. I know two hours is a pretty small sample size, but I found it really weird that I got multiple much rarer pokemon without a single sighting of a marill. My friend told me she had never seen one there, and she spent far more time
  19. you can remove it pls the ms or lower it the tier pls of cottonee or more spawn
  20. 7.11.2018 changes Halloween event changes All Routes - Bulbasaur's level was decreased to remove all self-harming moves Ever Grande City - Squirtle spawn has been added Route 215 - Bulbasaur now spawns all day Cinnabar Mansion 3 - Charmander is now significantly easier to get Safari Area 2 - Bulbasaur is now significantly easier to get Rarity concerns 4.11.2018 changes Halloween event changes The event will run till 30. November The spawn rarity might change overtime, Admins were asked to monitor the amount of Halloween themed starters No more spawns will be added for
  21. Hi i'm a person that realy love to hunt pokemons with repels so i ONLY encounter the pokemon i'm hunting while using repels, sadly this is not possible for all pokemons. Inkay is one of them. Inkay currently spawns at 2 places route 213 and moon B1f. My suggestion would be if its possible to make one of these spawns usable with repel trick. Maby making the tier at moon b1f higher to t8 instead of t7 and making it able to use repel trick Or adding repel trick for inkay at route 213 and maby removing Absol / and or Shellos here? absol only spanws at night here i think its a spot where not
  22. I think this should be a repel trickable pokemon, its just impossible to find, atleast for me ;/
  23. Hi, nothing really important just pointing it for whenever you can get around to it but would be nice to be able to teach the move to my Linoone, and add it to it's move pool. As of usum Linoone can learn it.
  24. Hello, Since the nature reroll sign in the item box is a questionmark and there are a lot of items which are questionmarks as well, I hope u can fix that because its easy to get scammed when u dont have any possibility to record the trade. So pls change the logo into a new one which is special for nature reroll. Thanks for ur attention and have a nice weekend
  25. Ok, I aways farm Shiny Stone in Love Island with the Togepis. But these days I was not seeing any. When I got to see the Pokedex, it's now for MS players. Só, why is Togepi now for MS players? It was the best place to catch some Togepis.
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