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  1. Hellouu! o/ I hope nobody suggested it already, at least i didn't saw anybody starting a topic cuz of it (if im wrong, sorry o/) So yeah, it's simple: for example, everytime i want to buy 999 max repels, i have to click that arrow button until my finger dies. xd Why not intending an 'enter amount' button with a 3 number limit? So you can't type in anything over 999 :P
  2. Hi there, I know this was suggested by @Theminho and credits to him for that,but the suggestion was ignored so i'd thought i'd post it again with more details on how I think it should be. So basically the idea would be to sell back exclusive pvp items to the shop.I really don't think there's any downside to it. For example,you would be able to buy an item exclusive to the PvP Shop (that item has to be only available through the pvp shop and non tradable so you dont farm pvp coins like this) and then be able to sell it back for like,half amount,or even the same amount. Another examp
  3. Currently there is no way to teach zoroark its Event exclusive move "Sludge Bomb" but other mons like Gengar and the legendaries can learn their Event exclusive moves(thru tutors). Can there be a tutor dedicated to teach Event exclusive moves to normal pokemons be added? or allow zoroark to learn sludge bomb thru tms?
  4. Hello! I'm posting here as I'm curious to know if Swirlix has been properly removed from MS only on route 201. I have been hunting for 4+ hours and haven't yet found any whereas one of my friends with MS hunted for 5 minutes and found both Swirlix and Spritzee. I'm aware that this could just be due to RNG but I wanted to ask and make sure that non MS Swirlix has been properly implemented first before I continue hunting any further. Thank you for your time. :)
  5. Just a few notes about Amity Square 1.) I spent at least six hours there hunting Drifloon a couple days ago (10 total), didn't see a single Buneary. Its t6 so I feel like it isn't just luck. Unless different patches have different spawns there. 2.) Why is drifloon so hard to find? I only encountered like 5 in 10 hours, its like a t9. I also didnt see a single Pachirisu, which is also t8. 3.) According to the Reborn bot, Kricketune has two different spawns in the same location. If Drifloon is meant to be one of the most difficult hunts, thats fair. But I was literally tearing my
  6. So as you all know the wonderful and unforgettable Vulcan Island has returned. Nonetheless I couldn't be more excited. Rushing to Kalijodo Lake to encounter "one" Froakie after 8 hours of hunting. Also rushing to Vulcan Forest to only give myself false hope of encountering a Chespin after 5 hours. (Which I never encountered) Not sure if I wanna try my luck with Fennekin at this rate. Tbh, I only use OT mons so I know patience is a virtue. Me personally I enjoy the thrill of a hunt but these spawn rates are somewhat ridiculous. Especially if you are trying to hunt an hidden ability one. Even wi
  7. elektrike (route 110/118) buneary (eterna forest) meditite (mt ptre exterior) swablu (route 114) absol (route 120) aron (victory road hoenn 1f) these are just some suggestions if people agree to have them added. I should note that there are risks to this as people may want the value of these pokes to be very high, adding repel trick would make them eaiser. Please post your thoughts.
  8. Hi, i have been recently hunting sneasels at the said location and I have been averaging 1 sneasel per 15 minutes. Previously these were very common during night time and I could hunt 15-20 an hour. Why was this spawn nerfed? Please dont just say im unlucky atm or its my RNG I know this spawn is nerfed.
  9. Hello, Since the nature reroll sign in the item box is a questionmark and there are a lot of items which are questionmarks as well, I hope u can fix that because its easy to get scammed when u dont have any possibility to record the trade. So pls change the logo into a new one which is special for nature reroll. Thanks for ur attention and have a nice weekend
  10. Howdy folks! Have you ever been annoyed By Spam in Trade Chat Have you ever done spam yourself by mistake? Well today I bring you an Idea that will Stop Trade chat spam for good! There should be a 1 minute cool down to Comment again in trade chat BOOM! Many issues solved Issues from Novince Players who dont know that is not Ok to spam or got no clue that they are spamming, Veteran players who spam by mistake, Evildoers who spam on Porpuse, and also Limits Cruel Bad players who break the rules by commenting on the prices of other players in trade chat Ord
  11. i have an idea to add a button in option to hide player (name and bodies) to see the map and object (eg= dig area/item ...) which were hided by players
  12. I've found out that you can now buy small and big train tickets in department stores as stock items like MS or CCs. Also, via some in-game features you can receive them as rewards. How do you guys think of making em tradable, so that players can use them more fluently?
  13. hi so i throw masterball by mistake on common pokemon and that suck so there is a chance to add some text box for regrats when clicking thr masterball?
  14. Why is the Lantern in the middle of the grass ? People would enjoy the Speed Area way more if there would be another Grass Pattern instead of this Lantern. Couldn't it be moved to a place where it wouldn't be directly in the way of the Players since there is enough space in the surrounding area ?
  15. Title is self explanatory. The Coin shop has it, it should be implemented to other stores as well! (I will admit I did not check the PvE store so if it is implemented, i apologize) There's already space in the PvP shop menu to place it there, as I have edited the picture below to reflect. Would be very beneficial as PvP coins are much harder to get and buying one of these mounts is a reflection of countless hours of playtime.
  16. Having tools to replace HMs would be better like we won't need to carry other pokemon except the six we want for certain actions or we won't have to waste any move.... But these tools will be obtained by us where we would get that tm/hm.....of course those tm/hm will also be there if others want to teach their pokemon respective move they can... Well,i don't know everyone will like it or not but doest this seems better than now and i can't also find any cons either.... Hatchet replaces Cut Computer Teleport System replaces Fly Raft replaces Surf Pickaxe replaces Rock Smash Climb Kit
  17. there is a little puzzle after new version update. When we trade With other guy,for example ,120k in the past,we can see120,000 pokedollers in the trade box.But now,we can only see 120000 pokedollers.this is a problem puzzling me xD.
  18. ^Title,Trick is in an annoying place and its abit hard to get there so can we get it there too?
  19. Hi, nothing really important just pointing it for whenever you can get around to it but would be nice to be able to teach the move to my Linoone, and add it to it's move pool. As of usum Linoone can learn it.
  20. Ok, I aways farm Shiny Stone in Love Island with the Togepis. But these days I was not seeing any. When I got to see the Pokedex, it's now for MS players. Só, why is Togepi now for MS players? It was the best place to catch some Togepis.
  21. 06.30.2019 changes balance changes and additions Route 39 - All Pokemon now spawn "All Day" Four Island - Surskit now spawns "All Day" Cinnabar Mansion 3 - Charmander had a slight rarity adjustment Cinnabar Mansion 1, 2, 3 & B1F - All Pokemon had their levelrange adjusted (+10 accross the board) Petalburg Woods; Route 104, 116 & 2 - Taillow had a major rarity adjustment Mirage Island Cave - Added Lileep/Anorith during the Morning, Tyrunt/Amaura during the Day & Cranidos/Shieldon during the Night Mirage Island Cave - All Fossil Pokemon hold their Fossils at a 10% rate, up f
  22. What happened to Sneasels in mt.silver? I spent the whole night (game time) in mt.silver and caught 4 sneasels. Don't tell me it's bad luck, because clearly there are some spawn rate issues or changes to it. Can someone please explain this? Thank you
  23. I think this should be a repel trickable pokemon, its just impossible to find, atleast for me ;/
  24. Just a quick dump of information: Event maps: Dark Valley L Necropolis L W Uncanny Path L Howling Woods L Unison Mountain East Summit L Unison Mountain 2F L Unison Mountain 1F L Unison Mountain South Summit L Unison Mountain 3F L Angel Hill L Ghoul Swamp L W Murky Town W Sweetsland L L = Land W = Water Following changes were made: These maps received some tweaks here and there: Dark Valley Necropolis Uncanny Path Unison Mountain 1F Unison Mountain South Summit Angel Hill Sweetsland Repeltricks for the following were removed: Larvitar Ralts Togepi They
  25. Spawn dumps You can download the latest spawns here as CSV file. It will be updated every hour. Feel free to use them for guides, discord bot etc. https://pokemonrevolution.net/spawns/
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