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whatever the reason you changed pokeball's position in bag, please change it back

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In the lastest update, dev changed balls position



pokeball have the least pior on bag after all kind of other balls which totally make no sense.

I aslo asked my friend to see how they feel about the change. 50% of them said it's really annoying and keep missclick into another balls, 50% said they don't care about pokeball position. I just want to said that there are 0% in all kind of human knowledge said they want to have master ball in first place over pokeball.

So please change it back, My brain got hurt while thinking why dev would make these change, it's even more hurt when thinking that there are ppl who actually like this change. thanks

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  • Developer

I changed the order of the Pokeballs but there was a small error. I did not intend to change the first 4 balls positions (Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball). I reversed it with the auto-updater and new Android builds are online on the website. This is an optional update. Mac users have to wait till the next client update.

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