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Complete PRO Pokedex [Removed]


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This guide has been removed.


For all those who still follow this guide or have used it in the past and sees this.

I have made a new and much more updated guide here.

It has all 7 generations of Pokemon (with Generation 8 ready to be posted once PRO released that) added.

With a few exceptions of some still being partially finished, due to not being a capturable Pokemon in PRO or is not coded into the game yet.


I can guarntee that it will stay for as long as PRO forums is around.

After a talk with staff a year ago, I decided to take some time off and improve on my older one.

And then eventually post it again, a year later its now posted.


Hope people will continue to use it.

And I'm so sorry that I removed it a year ago for those who used it actively.

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Mother of the holy god and I thought my guides were already long, this guide is so big it almost crashed my computer.








this is insane +1 and liked and whatever give him contributor lol

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