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Random Battle Ladder Rewards?


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13 minutes ago, 666G0D999 said:

You are only allowed to have 4 accounts.

4 accounts is 8 charachers.  


7 minutes ago, PreHax said:

More power to you, if you have the time to do 24 matches for lets check 8 PvP coins (rewards based on my suggestion). 

You aren't the target audience but could just solve this problem oh wait following PvP rules aka 2 accounts in PvP. 



2 accounts, there are 4 charachers left. No need to say Oh wait, it doesn't often work as an argument. You are free to do it then organize a future auction on staff pokemon to withdraw money from the games.


ps: I see i'm starting to [heck] of some people so thats my last answer good luck to you.

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I think a casual reward for random battles would be nice. Something like outfits, mounts, accessories and especially face accessories since they're new and there arent much of them now in the game. 


Some other incentive items for participation like pve/pvp coins or a new shop altogether or maybe even shop coins (from the cc). (small amounts like 5 coins, 10 coins)

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+1 (would give infinite but duh) 


Cant wait for these to be induced ingame, Have been waiting for these for sooo long. These will also give us youtubers some nice fresh content material from PRO 😂

As for the reward system, I think they should be something fun and challenging aswell! You shouldn't get 1PvP coin after every win like the current ranked battle system we have, but if you win 5 random matches straight, a npc can he assigned to reward the player with 20Pve or 10 PvP coins. These does mitigate the fact that you want the rewards for random to.be lower than OU, but since the players will have to win 5 matches straight for the reward, it seems worth it. 

Some players might not find these cool as they might get frustrated if they win 4 matches and lose the 5th one, but since its RANDOM they didn't have to grind lvl, ev, hunt or buy basically do anything to play it, soo it sounds fair... Atleast to me. 


Also, Can we have Ubers ladder aswell 😛


*Peace Out* 😅 

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+1 definitely 

I like the idea of "Random" ladder cutting the rewards from normal (Ou) ladder or maybe 1/3 of ou should be fine , because, just a speculation, randoms queue will be full to the brim. Reason? As mentioned less time invested, I'd say no time invested for you to join random queue. 


The way things are with current ranks I assume a player who is not done with any gyms at all should be able to join it? Guess it will become kinda broken if this happens but just a thing to keep in mind , I.e, requirements to join random queue(maybe same as 4th gym is fine , cause technically have seen a few ppl do PvP with kanto only Pokemon)



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+1 Of course

Regarding the reward system, I think pattern for Ranked ladder reward system would be better. Normally Ranked ladder players are rewarded according to their rank. Like 1st Place are rewarded with 600 PvP coins, 2nd with 595 PvP coins and so on. But in case of Random ladder, we can do like, 1st Place shall be rewarded with 600 PvE coins, 2nd with 595 PvE and so on. I think this rewarding system should be fine. 


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  • Eaty changed the title to Random Battle Ladder Rewards?

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