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Update the Pokédex


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Hello, I would like to submit a suggestion about the pokédex of this game, I think it has good ideas but I think we could improve it especially in the PVP, we could for example add the EVs gained for each pokémons as well as a 'mega gems' button to display the Mega-evolutions of the pokémons on the same page.
I also propose a new interface of the statistics of the pokémons very inspired by Smogon for a much simpler reading.

Here is an example I made for illustration :










If you have any ideas for improvement, don't hesitate.

Thank you !

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Good overall and simple change to the pokedex tab.
Just feel that it will clutter the already overcluttered GUI. Personally, I think the entire GUI should be updated and not just a few elements. But, I don't disagree with the suggested changes.


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