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Hi Xylos!

I see your guide contains evolutionary stones. However, the Ice Stone is not listed. Could you please add how it is obtained?




sorry for the late reply. Thanks for this suggestion, I will add it when I got some time and add all well known ways if there are any to obtain the mentioned item.

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Hi again!

I still couldn't figure out how to get an Ice Stone. I'd really appreciate if someone replied here and gave me a hint. :)

Current event has one:

1. Talk to Sailor dionysis in any of the ports to enter Vulcan Island

2. Surf east from the first area in Vulcan island

3. At the area east of the first area in Vulcan Island there is a cave in the bottom part of the area

4. Make your way through the cave east, there will be a ladder to go down (Flash is suggested to move through the cave AND rock smash is required.)

5. The area down the ladder has a lootable pokeball with an ice stone inside it. If i recall correctly you need to surf to get to there


Non event version to get an ice stone is one of the maps near Snowpoint City, but i do not remember the exact location, it is in the top part of a tree is all i can remember.

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