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  1. As a player of PRO, I only cared about PVE content, and I am sure many others do too, so speaking for all the player-base, on your part, would be wrong. As a SW in Staff now and a professional game writer and narrative designer, I can tell you by my experience of many years, that adding new maps, stories, and overall content in any game is definitely not a minor update. Furthermore, none of the content workers in PRO is an amateur. They all are amazing people pleasant to work with, who voluntarily dedicate their time to this game to make it better. Disrespecting them like that is nothing but upsetting. Many problems you highlighted are actually being implemented in the nearest updates. If you regularly check the update logs our devs post, you will notice that the game is improving in a steady pace. It might not be too fast like you and many other players may want, but it's still moving forward and that's much better than stagnation. Of course, if you want to leave the game, it's your choice, but you would miss the many great things that are coming up.
  2. Yes, the development is still ongoing. New seasonal quests are being added periodically. Now we have the Halloween Event since it's October, and the Christmas Event is also planned to be released for the Christmas season. We're also working on a new region, but so far there's no ETA for that one.
  3. +1. Supporting this as a player tired of singly selecting pokes for every wq xD
  4. Trafalgar Law. He and I also share a birthday xD
  5. Currently watching Boku no Hero Academia Season 5, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Douluo Dalu (Chinese donghua), and Quintessential Quintuplets
  6. 1) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2) Rakshasa Street 3) Boku no Hero Academia 4) Magi 5) Naruto/Boruto
  7. Rakshasa Street and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  8. As a Player (Staff not involved in this opinion in any way), I +1 this Nice idea, and I have been longing to EV train my Pokemon in daycares as it was possible in actual games
  9. [My response has nothing to do with Staff, it is just my personal Player opinion] As a Player, I +1 this. I worked so hard on excavations, but at last, I lost my hope - it seemed I'd never get that Steelixite I still want it, tho
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