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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to make a short suggestion regarding the money loss on defeats. There should be a set amount of money which can be lost at max when being defeated. Experienced player will most likely not die in wild combat and can still disconnect to keep the money, but this is still a possibility which could lose you millions of dollars really quick. However, the main reason behind the idea are bugs, just like the quite recent one which led to money loss in PvP. I know the players will get their money back in case they can proof it or Staff has methods to track the account back,
  2. Hey there everyone, so about 5 days ago I made a very bold move and changed the majority of the Hoenn Surf routes into Fishing only routes. I have explained this change in the Changelog as well but to sum it up, it was done to take off the frustration off newer story players (less Repelcosts when they are doing the story there and such things). So my question now is, do you guys want to keep this change, revert it or back or something else? Here are the exact changes I have done These are the affected maps Route 105 - Speahl holds Icebeam TM ; Wailmer holds Hail T
  3. Hey there everyone, so in one of my last Spawnupdates, I changed the Kanto Safari EV zones Pokemon to be only the ones that yield 3EVs. As you can see the DEF EV spot has only 2 spawns currently, Poliwrath and Golem This is not because I only want two spawns there rather because there aren't many Pokemon that yield 3 DEF EVs and the ones that do are not eligible to be spawns there. Please read the question and vote how you want the DEF EV spot to be going forward
  4. Hi there, i am searching a Smeargle in the Johto/Kanto region but i went in the ruins of alph and after 1h-2h of search, not Smeargle at all. So my question is, did someone know a good place at the Kanto/Johto region with wild Smeargle ? (I dont have a membership account)
  5. Hi everyone i was looking to hunt some pokemons and i wanted to hunt larvitar with repel trick. Currently the spawn tier of larvitar is t9 and t8 i some places. I like to hunt pokemons with repel trick but the spawn tier at the places where we can hunt larvitar with repel trick is t 9 which is pretty high. So i was wondering if i would be possbile to make this more easy to hunt. Maby lower the tier at the places we can hunt larvitar with repel trick to t8 insstead of t9. I have seen that lot of pokemons have been lowered their tier to make it hunt more easy. Like dratini/ gible/ timburr and m
  6. Hey there, so today we implemented the new daytime cycling EV zones but you might have noticed that certain EVs are only available at certain times: Morning HP Def Day ATK SPEED Night SPATK SPDEF This was done so everyone can memorize them easier but if you wanted to EV train your Pokemon for SPEED/ATK & it was night time you basically need to wait till day time or go to the old ev spots/Safari EV zone. The question is now A| Do you want to keep it as it is? B| Change the spawn times so all 6 EV types are available during the whole day so for example HP Morni
  7. i dont know if its really a bug but in route 214 i have more encounters of tier 9 hippopotas than tier 7 gligar... because i know tier 9 required a lil time to encounter and it like i encounter 10 hippos and 4 gligars
  8. I am here to suggest that you all add the pokemon: "Houndour" into the Vulcan Path spawn please and thank you. It makes since since fire pokemon and fits the theme with the area and can be a great poke to put here! Thank you for reading.
  9. Hi, As requested by Prehax for the spawns modification, there is snover on Lake acuity map which still have a self-harming move : wood hammer. It's a tiers 9 and very boring to chase. Sad to see it kill himself... Move in the proper section if you think it's not the right place. Thanks
  10. Hello once more ,@PreHax long time no see. I'm working a lot this days, and i had just a poor time to play, so every time i enter in game i have like 1/2/3 max hours of playing that is 0/1 or 2 with luck dedenne. I'm not asking to rise or low the rate tier spawn just asking why dedenne is so rare , soon will have alonan pokémons, that acts like a alonan raichu (raichu is better because of ability and it gain fairy type). Also , at the both spawns(xmas and MS area) they are really hard to find (tier9), especially the Ms Zone that it spawns that have a huge list pokémon spawn on that are
  11. Ferroseed ahh it a Ms and it very rare too I have searching whole day and got only 2 trashes I want to farm ferroseed but I give up Please either remove Ms pokemon reduce it tier
  12. Map name: Safari Zone Exclusive Pokemon: Nuzleaf, heracross, pinsirs, aipom, primape, burmy, etc. Other: It would be neat to have safari exclusive pokemon in trees to headbutt in the zone! Plus side: many people would donate more money for coins for memberships!
  13. i'd like to report that roggenrola carries the move explosion at his spawn in mt. coronet 5F.
  14. Hey , I'd like to suggest to add a option when we use escape rope. e.g - Are you sure you want to use escape rope ? It directly sends user to pokemon-centre , so its annoying if it was a misclick.
  15. Suggestion for Akatsuki clothing. Hello friends, I believe that you do not have all the Akatsuki movement sprite, since this is the print of my Guild, I decided to make the complement of the costume of Deidara to put in the image and I will leave this one here for you. These Sprites were based on the Boss De Hoenn but modified to incorporate movement in the game, it was made with unique intention and to add new clothes to the wall of our Guild Magikarp the greater Brazilian guild uniting all the Servers with more than 300 members.
  16. Hey, I noticed the move has been coded into some mons lvl up moves but there is no tutor for the mons that learn it from tutor in ultra sun and moon. Could we get a tutor for the move please? Would like to have it for my Linoone
  17. Hi everyone, looking at recent updates related to spawn role addition (loved it) and to the game itself, i wanted to give a deeper look into the game to look for some useful but also small changes that can be brought live. Any feedback is welcome, thanks in advance if you find time for leaving a comment or just a like. SPAWN CHANGES - Add chikorita (t8) to Johto Safari Zone - Give both cyndaquil and chikorita an additional spawn (t9) to have same number of spawn locations with totodile (i feel like it could be quite fair to have every starter with same number of spawns) - Give Treecko,
  18. Hello, Can skill description have adjustment like side to pop or so, i'm playing on super low res (800x600) and having issues to read skills descriptions since its swallowed outside game window:
  19. Their should be a time limit that you must be in a guild for a certain amount of time for your rating to be put into the total guild rating.(like 5-10 days) Alot if guilds at the end of the season try to buy players and get other guilds to join them to get to top. It should only count the true members that actually stay in the guild for some time which will make it more fair in my opinion.
  20. Hello, I would like to inform myself and suggest the possibility of adding the TM or TM tutor of the move curse, which was in the game in gen 2. Due to several pokemons could only learn by TM (Can be found on smogon and SD), an example that i believe to be the main one is Hitmonlee, since that now the unburden ability has been re-worked (great work with that i must say) which made it possible to use new pokemons in pvp ranked. The point is, one of hitmonlee's builds is to use curse + mental herb, making it gain speed for ability and boost for move, providing a good niche for increased poke
  21. Presumably this cooldow is like every other cooldown in PRO,and starts when the boss is interacted with. The old cooldown of 12 days was for weekend warriors, so you could do your bosses at any point over two days, and the.two weeks later irrelevant of when you did them prior you could do them over the weekend again. A cooldown of 7 days removes all this flexibility. Now if I do bosses at 18;30 on Sunday, then next week I can't start till after that time, and if I start this week at 19:00 suddenly I'm even further restricted. Having 6 or 6.5days means that I can boss every Sunday wit
  22. i need surrender command for pvp incase theyre stalling dont wanna waste time the only way to surrender alr is to discconect. like why disconnecting bans u for 10min for pvp it makes the opponent can pvp again faster and urself can too
  23. please add a digway on Route 211 to lead in Mt. Coronet summit as well because we have some difuculty to go there so please make this short cut
  24. please make for us ingame menus to block irritating players forever! (not until next login)
  25. Can this be fixed? Like make the pokemon league count as a pokemon center so it can be used for trading?
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